Ash vs Evil Dead: The 411 on evil or how to ‘Baby Proof’


Ash’s mini-me steals the show as he terrorizes his father and the Norwegian girl. Meanwhile, Pablo takes a trip to see an old familiar face and unleashes his inner Brujo Especial! While Kelly sees a relationship in a different light.

“Wait. Isn’t that the name of a beer?” – Pablo Simon Bolivar


Ruby’s Fun House

When we last saw Ash, he was wondering what Norwegian was for “up s*** creek.” Here he is trying to rid the world of evil in the form of Ruby and what does he get for his troubles? His robo-hand stuck to a sink and a trigger happy Norwegian woman who wants to keep touching his boomstick (Talking about the gun people. Mind out of the gutter)!

While this is happening, he is having to contend with his mini-me son chasing him around Ruby’s house of fun. What makes this kid extra creepy besides his human chainsaw arm is his toy duck that is eerily reminiscent of the sound Jigsaw’s tricycle makes. Oh, and the fact that he has that banshee scream doesn’t help either.

Just when Ash removes his hand from the sink that it was attached to, the Norwegian lass gets out of her handcuffs and bops Ash over the head with the sink. So, he is down for the count leaving her to run around the house shooting the little demon spawn.

It doesn’t turn out so well for the Scandinavian woman. Little Ashy Slashy ambushes her and well, off with her head. When Ash awakens with a splitting headache, he finds her body. Then it is time for fun and games.

Let the Craziness Begin

Ash vs Evil Dead – Let the Craziness Begin – Courtsey of STARZ

This tiny Prophesized One is a huge pain in the ass. Ash crawls on his hands and knees, cajoling and trying to get this brat to play along to no avail. What ensues is so crazy, kudos to the episode writer, Luke Kalteux. Let’s just say the kid goes back to the womb and reanimates the Norwegian woman’s corpse much to Ash’s amazement.

It’s true, Ash. We don’t see something like that every day. Of course, there are quite a few acrobatic leaps and bounds. Bruce Campbell’s stuntman, Raicho Vasilev should be commended because he certainly earns his pay.

One scene in particular stands out because bowling balls are raining down on Ash and he avoids them very agilely ending up performing a perfect yoga move, the down dog. It is quite impressive. Who knew he was that limber? Well, Candy Barr probably did.

In a very Three Stooges like manner, Ash goes mano a mano with his son and ends up getting tossed around the room. Finally, with the help of two bowling balls, he is able to “trap” the hybrid hellion in the corpse’s body. He does this by shoving a bowling ball down her headless corpse and then he puts another ball in a rather sensitive area.

Trust me, you have to see it to believe it. Tossing the body and the kid in the back of his Delta, he motors back to Main Street.

El Brujo Especial

Ash vs Evil Dead – El Brujo Especial 2 – Courtesy of STARZ

Brandy and Kelly are trapped in the trailer being harassed by Deadite Pablo. Of course, he gets into the trailer and starts knocking the gals around. Kelly figures out that his face on her calf is connected to it’s demon counterpart so she starts stuffing all kinds of crap in its mouth in an attempt to thwart serious consequences.

When Pablo manhandles Kelly, Brandy grabs the Kandarian dagger and stabs Pablo in the chest. This causes him to be sucked into the underworld. He comes face to face with Brujo, his uncle (Hemky Madera) and Naked Lady (Hannah Tasker-Poland).

Brujo tells Pablo it is time to accept his destiny to become El Brujo Especial. In a very pagan ritual, Naked Lady cuts Pablo with the Kandarian dagger to let evil out. While this doesn’t show in the underworld, Pablo’s physical body is being ripped apart as a horrified Kelly and Brandy watch.

In order to conquer the evil inside him, the residue left from his bonding with the Necronomicon, he must shed his blood into a correct bowl also containing life’s elixir. If he chooses wisely and correctly, he will realize his full potential however by making the incorrect choice evil could overrule him.

The stakes are dire. As his Brujo instructs him to see with his soul and not with his eyes, Pablo makes the correct choice. In the earthly realm, Kelly and Brandy see that his physical body is motionless. Fearing the worst, Kelly becomes very emotional.

Love Is in the Air

Ash vs Evil Dead – Love is in the Air – Courtesy of STARZ

Now, we see what she has hidden successfully for two years. She loves him! It is written all over her face. Just when she is about to give up hope, he springs to life shocking both Brandy and her.

So happy to see him alive, Kelly locks lips with him in a tender moment. While Pablo is clearly touched and wants to linger, he realizes that Jefe needs him and he has work to do.

He leaves and Kelly instructs Brandy to find Ash while she takes care of her wound. Once Brandy departs the trailer, Kelly immediately goes to the phone book, Kandarian dagger in hand to find Ruby’s address. Clearly stating that “If you f*** with MY Pablo, you f*** with me and I am done being f***** with Ruby!”

Brandy winds up at the hardware store but doesn’t locate Ash. All of a sudden, the Delta “Shatner” powerslides to the curb and Ash gets out. He is pumped and ready to give his daughter the 411 on evil. Just at that moment, Ruby shows up.

Ash confronts her by telling her that he has her demon spawn. When he opens the car trunk, there is a bloody little boy sitting in it. No corpse and of course, a sheriff just happens to be walking by.

Ruby spins this as Ash being a menace to the community. Brandy is taking everything in while Ruby tries to convince her to go with her. Not wanting to give up, Ash reminds his daughter that he is a horrible liar, I mean how could he make this fantastical stuff up!

While Ash is working it out with the sheriff and Ruby, Brandy jumps in the Delta and tells him to get in. Together they evade the police to the strains of Iggy Pop singing the Passenger.

The Verdict

Let me reiterate something from my past reviews. Mark Verheiden and his writing team are really pushing the envelope this season and it is delightful. Talk about inventive television, this particular episode had one of the craziest fight sequences ever!

Baby Proof combined the best elements of horror with the Michigan Mafia’s signature “splatstick.” There was something for every audience member in this show. Even those shippers who were hoping for “Kellpab” or “Pabkell” were rewarded.

The stakes are about to get high because Kelly is going after Ruby. From the next episode on, there will be a definite chill in the air. S*** is about to get more f***** up than usual.

To the fans out there that are disappointed with the tone of Season 3, hang on. The tide is turning. Everything is going to change but you need to be along for the ride. Trust me, as Ash would say, “It’s gonna be worth it!”

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