Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Blu-ray worth the bite to your bottom line


The Walking Dead spinoff, Fear The Walking Dead, is coming home with the Season 3 Blu-ray. Is the season worth the money or just biting time…

The Walking Dead has been such a hot topic lately due to poor ratings and decisions the show’s making. But among the entire hubbub, its spinoff, Fear The Walking Dead, waits patiently for its time in the sun. And with the home release of the third season, it seems like the perfect time to take a break from the Negan/Grimes drama and enter into the arid, sandy drama of Fear The Walking Dead.

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Don’t worry, for those who haven’t caught up, this will be fairly spoiler free. Fear The Walking Dead originally follows the Manawa/Clark family as they navigate the apocalypse that we didn’t get to see in The Walking Dead. I was first intrigued by that very fact. The first season was short but ended on a pretty high note. I was still skeptical but wanted to push forward.

The second season then continued to expand the undead world and took the characters, old and new, to the American Southwest and Mexico, allowed the same event and subject to have such different consequences. The focus became less on the zombie hordes and more in the fights and relationships between characters.

After a big migration and separation of the characters, several small storylines have developed. In true Walking Dead fashion, wide character arcs are occurring but I still can’t bring myself to like the kind-of-lead Madison (Kim Dickens). Easily one of my least favorite characters on either show, Madison grates on me like Andrea used to, but even she has her place in the story.

Photo by Richard Foreman/AMC

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We continue to follow Nick (Frank Dillane) and Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) from the first season, as well as Luciana (Danay Garcia) and Victor (Colman Domingo). Season 4 will also include the crossover we’ve been waiting for as Morgan (Lennie James) joins the cast and brings the two worlds together. More stars will be joining Season 4 when it premieres on AMC right before the Season 3 premiere of Into The Badlands on April 15..

As for the fate of Fear The Walking Dead, I don’t see the same issues in FTWD as I do in TWD. Even though rating for Fear the Walking Dead are suffering from fans’ anger toward bad decision making, it seems like the series may be thriving from the difference in style, story and environment. Here’s to Season 4!

Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 is now available on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD platforms everywhere.

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