Myers Monday: Why H20’s Ronny is one of Halloween’s best characters


Halloween H20 is as polarizing as it gets in the world of horror sequels, but you can’t deny its characters. Especially the cool aspiring novelist who ladies love..

Who’s gonna knock Michael Myers out? LL Cool J of course.

Today’s Myers Monday and I’ve been thinking about 1998’s Halloween: H20 a lot. Directed by Steve Miner, the slasher sequel grows on me more and more as years pass — characters included. From the empathetic John Tate to the protectively endearing Will Brennan, the fresh faces inhabiting the Dimension film are a cut about most horror characters. And while Molly is amazing in her own right, none are as cool, charismatic and courageous as LL Cool J.

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Of all characters in and around Hillcrest Academy, Ronald “Ronny” Jones is by far one of the most empathetic and engaging. From his classic interactions with John (Josh Hartnett) to his undeniably good heart, Ronny’s the kind of guy you want to befriend at work or during any social situations. Although his job is protecting the posh prestigious school, including watching the front gate, he lets John leave to make his date with Molly “special.” Sure, that means helping steal a bottle of wine, but it’s the thought that counts.


Speaking of romance on a breezy October night, Ronny’s relationship with his wife is undeniably realistic and relatable. While some horror films sell cookie-cutter unions, you know Rodney loves his wife. While she’s only heard vocally, through the phone and not onscreen, the banter between the two makes me miss being in a relationship. You wholly believe the two are not only married, but have a deep bond built from trust and love.


Although his wife is concerned with Ronny’s path to becoming an author, it’s this that makes the character even more special. Whereas he’s happy to pay bills working security, Ronny really wants to become a romantic novelist. And it’s this that everyone who’s seen the film can relate too. We’ve all taken work for money that didn’t fulfill us creatively or involve deep passions. But like Ronny, we work because lights, shelter and food are pretty hard to give up. But we all want more, and so does Ronny. And if that doesn’t make him not only one of the best characters in the seventh Halloween, let alone the entire series, I don’t know what does.

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This has been another edition of Myers Monday. We’ll see you next week in Haddonfield.

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