Phoenix UFO Sighting – This isn’t a Google balloon…


In February, two airline pilots while flying over Arizona witnessed something that defied explanation. Was it a UFO or something else?

“The UFO phenomenon is real.” – Edgar Mitchell

Phoenix Lights 1997

I used to live in Phoenix, Arizona for six years. As a matter of fact, I moved there four years after the famous Phoenix Lights incident. In another bit of coincidence, South Mountain, the area where the lights were hovering, was a favorite hiking spot of mine.

Alas, while I lived there and in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I never once saw anything strange in the night skies. The funny thing about the 1997 incident is that everyone came out and debunked it.

There were actually two sightings. According to the Phoenix New Times, the first event occurred at 8:30 p.m. when a V shaped pattern of lights flew north to south over the state.

The second occurrence was the set of nine hovering lights over South Mountain. Many people recorded the incidents and called in to law enforcement. At the time, Fife Symington was the governor and when he went on camera to address the situation, he jokingly had one of his staff members dress up as an alien to defuse any attempt at serious discourse.

Years later, however, Symington admitted that he had also witnessed the lights and that they were in fact, not easily explained away. Interesting enough, the Phoenix New Times had two witnesses who claimed that neither sightings were extraterrestrial.

The large V formation according to Scottsdale resident, Mitch Stanley was actually planes. He was observing them from his high powered Dobsonian telescope. According to him, the planes appeared small and he could see wings. They were traveling at a high altitude and Stanley said, “They were planes. There’s no way I could have mistaken that.”

Phoenix Lights 2015

Supposedly in the second sighting of 1997, the Maryland Air National Guard were performing maneuvers in the South Mountain area that involved dropping flares. Evidently, the type of flares that were used were able to be extinguished one at a time and could hover in perfect symmetry.

Needless to say, segue to 2015 in February and the lights returned again. This time they were sighted in Goodyear near the Estrella Mountains. Several eye witnesses recorded videos.

Flares were again offered up as an explanation along with the possible stacking of planes awaiting touchdown in the city’s Sky Harbor airport. However, this particular incident remains unexplained. Which brings us to the most recent Arizona sighting.

Arizona UFO 2018

CBS News has reported that two airline pilots one flying a Learjet by Phoenix Air and an American Airlines plane were both buzzed by the same UFO. The pilot of the Learjet was the first to encounter the strange object. He immediately radioed the FAA which told him that there were no other aircraft in the sky near him.

Being cautious, the FAA alerted American Airlines Flight 1095 that there was a craft in the area and to keep their eyes open. Soon after that they were also buzzed by the same object. Of course, it was postulated that the object may in fact have been a Google balloon from Project Loon.

After a month, no one has been able to identify what passed over the two aircraft. Even the FAA has no explanation because nothing appeared on their radars. Then what was it? According to Flight 1095, the object had a “big reflection.”

What Is It?

The military or any other agency has not come forward with information. So, if the pilots of two craft are saying that this sighting was not any of the usual suspects (a weather balloon, for example) then what could it be?

In the case of the Phoenix Lights in 1997, the military wasted no time coming forth with an explanation. However, the 2015 sighting and the most recent one remain mysteries.

Listen to the audio below at the :12 second mark and draw your own conclusions:

Furthermore, could this be the case of letting the public think it is a UFO when in reality it is a top-secret government project? What do you think?

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