Texas Tuesday: Matthew McConaughey is loonier than Leatherface


Matthew McConaughey became part of the Sawyer family in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation. And Texas titans, he’s gleefully demented.

And you thought Leatherface is the looniest one in the family…

Feeling the heat? Sweat pouring profusely from your head and neck while wondering if this is how it ends? We are too, but don’t worry — it’s just Texas Tuesday.

With it being the day we honor one of cinema’s most macabre series, I’ve been thinking about who the most crazily twisted member of the family truly is. Is it Leatherface, welding his trademark weapon like in a demented dance? Or maybe Drayton Sawyer, feeding everyone in Texas his “secret” chili? Or is it “Choptop,” terrorizing the Long Star state with his Sonny Bono wigdo? While these are great options, there’s an argument that it’s the man who’s alright…alright…alright.

McConaughey Goes Macabre

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Before watching those girls stay the same age, Matthew McConaughey was terrorizing the backwoods of Texas. Prowling the dirt roads as VilmerMcConaughey brings to life one of the scariest characters in the entire series. Don’t believe me, let’s head to the heatwave. 

While Leatherface is arguably scary, Vilmer is more terrifying for a few reasons. To begin with, Vilmer likes to mess with his prey. While Bubba only wants to eat this victims — everyone gets hungry right? — Vilmer is like a cat playing with mice. He enjoys hearing his food scream before the slaughter.

Also, he can integrate himself into normal society in an attempt to lure someone. While Drayton arguably can do the same, anyone with a little common sense can see he’s up to no good. But with Vilmer, driving his tow truck “helping” people, it’s a much harder task.

Mechanical Leg Meets Maniacal Man

While slowing the killer down, Vilmer’s mechanical leg brace makes him beyond loony. Equipped with more remotes than your local Best Buy, Vilmer’s “walking help” helps support his insanity. Although not claiming disabilities make you a loon (far from it), the way Vilmer uses his, or lack there of, makes him incredibly unstable. But then again, if you had to work your TV and leg at the same time, you may be a little crazy too.

This has been another edition of

Texas Tuesday.

See you back in the Lone Star state next week.

Fan of the fourth Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Think ole double M is hilariously demented in The Next Generation? Let the other Texas terrors know what you think in the comment section below.