Myers Monday: Which Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers is the best?


Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers is one of the most controversial entries in the iconic series. Is the producer’s cut or theatrical version best?

In 1995, after a six year absence, the Halloween franchise comes back with a new curse. Again featuring the late Donald Pleasence, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers brings the series back from a tragic revenge.

But while the sixth Halloween is a solid entry in the series, there are actually two versions of the madness. Serious fans know the producer’s cut controversy, with much of the ending being reshot after Pleasence’s passing. So, which version’s ultimately the best?

Origins of Evil

Originally Halloween 666: The Origin of Michael Myers, the p-cut is unequivocally the sequel’s best version. Preferred cut of writer Daniel Farrands, the infamous version of Curse is strikingly better in every conceivable way

Chopping Loomis’ journey to Michael more but into less satisfying pieces, the long-bootlegged version is THE cut of the Dimension Films release. Using John Carpenter’s score to full effect — not just the theme — every moment is an improvement. Seeing it for the first time will no doubt put chills down your spine.

Then there’s the ending, which is still controversial within the Haddonfield community. While slightly hokey, mainly Tommy’s use of black magic, I adore the p-cut ending. Seeing Michael walk out in Wynn’s rustic outfit is jaw-dropping every time. And Loomis being inflicted with the evil he’s been fighting for years is better than Halloween candy.

And Fools Shine On

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While not terrifying terrible, Curse’s theatrical cut isn’t nearly as gratifying. Featuring more gore and less intrigue, Joe Chappelle‘s cut, per the Weinstein’s request after initial test screenings, is far more general and not made for Halloween hardcores. Why does it suck in comparison? I’m glad you Smith’s Grove inmates asked.

For starters, Jamie Lloyd’s demise is uneventful and absolutely doesn’t service the character. As the franchise’s second biggest protagonist (Loomis isn’t a protagonist), Lloyd is an afterthought in the theatrical cut. While she’s not long for the p-cut either, at least her demise is in service of a much bigger story beat.

Moreover, the ending is absolutely embarrassing. Causing head scratching since it’s debut, the theatrical cut ends in pure confusion. Is Loomis finally murdered by his nemesis? Why does Michael remove his mask? There are so many unanswered questions it almost becomes nauseating.

Ultimately, while watching the theatrical cut is enjoyable on some level (nostalgia anyone?), the Halloween 6 producer’s cut by far the best version. It’s the purist experience for long-time fanatics of Dr. Loomis, Michael Myers and the world of Debra Hill and John Carpenter.

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