Ash vs Evil Dead: Episode 307 ratings do not make you Twist and Shout


Coming off the slight ratings surge for Tales from the Rift, Ash vs Evil Dead goes into its seventh episode with high expectations. Does the new Ash deliver?

“2 stars and below = The pretty thing didn’t make it past the pick-up line. I don’t rate these because I don’t finish them.”  – Eliza Crewe

No Twisting and Shouting

TV Series Finale reported the Nielsen ratings for Ash vs Evil Dead’s episode Twist and Shout. Although the fans clearly loved it, the numbers paint another picture. Fresh off the surge for Tales from the Rift, the Ash centric episode did not fare as well.

Last week, the number of viewers that tuned into the series was the second highest since the season opener. However, this week, the ratings took a distinct down turn plummeting from 196,000 to 136,000. That takes the show from the slight gain of 9.50% to -30.61%.

Ash vs Evil Dead – Ratings Twist and Shout – Courtesy of TV Series Finale and Nielsen

So, what happened? From the chatter on social media, the reactions were mixed but most leaning toward the positive. Some viewers felt that the story line was forced and that the showdown of Ash on Ash was done before and unnecessary.

The problem seems to lie within the script. Fans felt that it was too rushed and that the writing was lazy. The homage to Carrie wasn’t original and the opinions go on and on.

The End of the Line

What seemed like a shoo in for better ratings with Evil Ash making a comeback (which is something fans were hoping for) turned out to be a bust. Although the reported numbers are before apps and streaming the goal is to best the previous year’s overall viewership which is 308,000.

Season 3 is still lagging behind Season 2 results by 42.35%. There are only 3 episodes left.  Fans should sit back and enjoy the remainder of the series because if people don’t download the STARZ app or start watching, this may be the end of the line for Ash. As of this report, AVED has not been cancelled or renewed.

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What did you think of Twist and Shout? Do you think the ratings have time to improve? Feel free to share your opinions in the comment section below. We want to hear from you.

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