Supernatural Review: So here’s the thing about The Thing


The Winchester have two ingredient’s left to save their family before time runs out, Can they find them in time?  It’s back to the basics with a lot of research.

Supernatural’s latest, The Thing, focuses on finding the Seal of Solomon, one of the two ingredients the boys need to open a portal to the other earth — they also find out there are more American Men of Letters chapter houses. Not all of the men of letters are as boring as we thought. The chapter house in Portsmouth, Rhode Island had a secret that generations have been covering up.

In researching for the Seal, Sam and Dean find out about the other houses and the last known location of the Seal. Which leads them right to Rhode Island and a hungry god. It starts in 1925 at the chapter house, where the men of letters decided that this world was no longer worth saving, so they use the seal to bring forth a god from another world to bring peace and start over. Now, the Winchester’s must work with the men of letters to stop her.

Supernatural’s The Thing gave me a feeling of nostalgia. It reminds me of the earlier seasons. I absolutely loved the opening scene of Dean putting kick me sign’s on Sam’s back. It really brought back memories of them pranking each other. Like in Season 1 episode seventeen, when Sam blares the radio in the Impala to startle Dean or when Dean puts itching powder in Sam’s underwear. It’s great to see them act more like brother’s again instead of colleagues.

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While I did enjoy this episode, I feel like this episode was a little slow in the beginning and rushed at the end. It was good to see Sam and Dean kind of going back to the basics of researching and hunting down leads to find the seal of Solomon. I was really hoping for more information on Asmodeus. Like how did he end up with the Archangel Gabriel who we all assumed died back in season five? How did Ketch and Asmodeus meet? I really hope they touch on some of this throughout the rest of the season.

The end feels slightly rushed because there were so many things going on in the last fifteen minutes. Sam and Dean fight off a god and get the Seal of Solomon from the Men of Letters. Ketch decides to rescue Gabriel and escape from hell while fighting not only demons, but Gabriel himself. The Winchester boys argue over who’s going to sacrifice themselves to save Mary and Jack. It was quite a bit to take in.

Overall, The Thing’s worth watching and rewatching. This season has a lot going on and with only six more episode to go, I cannot wait to see how all of this plays out. I would like if they touched more on Gabriel’s story and where he’s been, Mary and Jack’s time in the other dimension, and what the Angels in that world are up to.

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