Friday the 13th: Top 10 memes from the slasher series


Looking to celebrate Friday the 13th with some hilarious memes? These top ten Friday the 13th memes will split your sides, literally!

Greetings, ghoulies!

As horror lovers, our favorite time of the year is here (no, not Halloween) and I compiled the top ten Friday the 13th memes that made me laugh, cringe or were just plain smart. Who doesn’t love a good horror meme? Now, since it’s almost damn near impossible to trace the origins of the creators to these memes, I’m sure the originators will be proud of their work displayed here today. These aren’t numbered from great to least great, I think they’re all wonderful.

Number 1:

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No meme countdown would be complete without the Dos Esquis beer commercial guy quote. You’ve definitely seen the “I don’t always _____ but when I do I _____.” in plenty of memes, so this would be a great start to this particular theme.

Number 2:


Gee, I don’t know Jason, what day is it?! This specific design is meant to display Jason’s enjoyment for his favorite day. His relaxed posture shows the audience “I just rolled out of bed and knew today would be a great day,” after viewing his calendar next to his toiletry in his shack.

Number 3:


*Ahem* I may have used this pick-up line a few times (it’s not the greatest line I must say). The creator chose a rather unique still from Friday The 13th Part 4 where it shows Jason’s true motives: he just wants to cuddle! Sure, he had to break part of the house down to accomplish his goal, but who wouldn’t?

Number 4:

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Oh Gene Wilder…you still make us laugh to this day. This is probably one of the more popular meme themes, as Mr. Wilder’s sarcastic demeanor from this still in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is now gold in the meme community. Yes, we do know that tomorrow is Saturday the 14th, but only the final girl will see the sunrise…

Number 5:

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This one made me laugh with its PG rated humor and sensibility. It does make us wonder: how and when did Jason realize he’s immortal? What exactly was his reaction when finding out he has to live forever in Camp Crystal Lake? I’d like to think the above reaction was made in private whilst sitting by the lake in thought.

Number 6:

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Simple, yet effective. Perhaps Jason decided to play around with a tablet or smartphone from one of the slaughtered campers and wanted to give social media a try? I wonder if he makes Facebook events to lure his future victims to the Lake.

Number 7:


I don’t really think Jason is particularly a jolly good fellow, but his name sure does rhyme with the song! Creative, funny, and effective in achieving the meme completion. I can honestly see someone singing this parody in the Friday the 13th video game.

Number 8:

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No meme theme would be complete without the famous “KEEP CALM” poster. Here we have a listing of all the sins that his victims have committed to deserve their untimely fate. We’ve seen many of these tropes in slasher films that they almost become a parody in modern horror now. But, it’s always to have a good list of what NOT to do if you and your friends are ever stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Number 9:

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Awww, the love of a mother knows no bounds. The original slasher before Jason. Hell, she made Jason! This Friday the 13th, do embrace your favorite Jason in your life. If you don’t have one, find one immediately. All Jasons need comfort.

Number 10:

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Ah yes, the Game of Thrones Winter Is Coming meme. I post this one every year. In fact, I’m sure many of you will post a few of these memes on your social media to celebrate the most infamous of days on the calendar year.

Thank you for joining me on this journey in laughs and chuckles, and I hope you all celebrate this day the right way: Friday the 13th marathons and junk food.