Watch Night of the Demons with Linnea Quigley in Denver


Iconic scream queen Linnea Quigley is heading to the Alamo Drafthouse in Denver for a screening of her film Night of the Demons with horror fans.

If you’re a horror fan in the Denver area, an awesome opportunity awaits. The one and only Linnea Quigley will be attending a showing of the classic Kevin Tenney flick Night of the Demons. Of course, Quigley has one of the most memorable roles in the film, so to watch the film with her sounds like an amazing time.

The film is being shown as part of the Alamo Drafthouse’s “The Graveyard Shift” series, which screens a classic horror film from the vault every month. At the Littleton, Colorado location on April 25Night of the Demons will be the pick for this month. As mentioned, Quigley will be in the theater to watch the film and hang out with fans.

Night of the Demons tells the story of a group of teenagers throwing a party in an abandoned mortuary. They unwittingly awaken an evil spirit who begins to possess the teens, transforming them one-by-one into vicious demons. Quigley’s character is perhaps the freakiest one in the film following her transformation, in part due to a very memorable scene involving pink lipstick.

If you’ll be in the area, do yourself a favor by going. Even if you haven’t seen the film, it’s an absolute classic that I know you’ll enjoy.

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To recap, you can watch Night of the Demons with Linnea Quigley at the Alamo Dratfhouse in Littleton, Colorado, on April 25. Show time is at 7:30 p.m., and you can purchase tickets at the official website.