Ash vs Evil Dead review: ‘Rifting Apart’ or go down swinging

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Ash steals his daughter’s body. Kelly, Dalton and Brandy try to outrun a mysterious demonic figure in the Deadlands and Pablo is battling a prom chick from hell!

“I’m always happy to see that indestructible blue shirt come to the rescue.” – Kelly Maxwell


What Would You Do?

Ash vs Evil Dead – What Would You Do – Courtesy of STARZ

It’s tough being a reluctant hero. You really don’t want this job but somebody has to do it. After all, you were foretold in an ancient book.

How were you to know there would be so much death and carnage in your lifetime? Now, you’re in the autumn of your years and once again, evil comes knocking on your door. This time they have taken the ones that you hold dear. Your daughter and your other daughter.

Friendship and blood binds a person and makes them go out on a limb when they have nothing to lose. In Ash (Bruce Campbell) and Pablo’s (Ray Santiago) cases, this rings true. Both men are willing to do the inconceivable and the unthinkable to get back the women that they love.

While Ash and Pablo are contemplating bridging the rift, Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo), Dalton (Lindsay Farris) and Brandy (Arielle Carver-O’Neill) are trying to stay alive. The Deadlands are a scary place but that is the Evil Dead universe. Nothing is what it appears to be.

It isn’t easy when you are in hell’s waiting station and you can’t even have peace there because some demons want your very soul. So, the trio spend quite a bit of time hanging out in the one safe place that exists in this netherworld, the cinema.

On the flip flop, Ash and Pablo figure out that in order to restore Brandy, they need to undertake drastic measures. Ash the coward, Ash the guy who turns tail and runs is now forced to think. Will he give his life to save his daughter?

The Hard Choice

Ash vs Evil Dead – The Hard Choice – Courtesy of STARZ

When Pablo figures out that Jefe has to die in order to reach the Deadlands, Ash halts the proceedings because he didn’t contemplate the “D” word. After looking at the body bag, you see in his eyes that he is going to make the hard choice.

The actual execution of the deed gives Ash pause. He isn’t quite able to stab himself so that becomes a team effort. Pablo who is not quite ready to “kill” his mentor, reluctantly agrees to assist him.

After the Kandarian dagger is plunged into his heart, Ash is “dead” and wakes up bathed in green light in the Deadlands. He soon learns that nothing works correctly in this place and when he walks out of the cellar of hell in his store, he ends up in the sperm bank.  Behind the next door is the bar and he is able to reunite with his crew.

Happy to be back with the band, Kelly tells Ash what is going on. She explains that they literally run for their lives everyday from this unknown entity. Of course, Ash “sort of” has a plan. Basically, to get out of the bar/cinema and back to the cellar of hell to catch the rift back home.

While this sounds easy, it is far from being a walk in the park. When he opens the door for some “serious rift action” they arrive back in the sperm bank. However, instead of exiting into the cellar, they are on the street and in the open.

The Breakaway

Ash vs Evil Dead – The 411 on Evil – Bruce Campbell – Courtesy of STARZ

With literally no time to think, they spy the Classic at the curb. At this point, the dark shape appears and Ash being brave which is unusual for him but fits with his newfound grown up personality, decides that he will create a diversion so the others can escape. Dalton overrules him and tells Ash to send Ruby back to hell where he will be waiting for her.

Before anyone can protest, Dalton quickly kisses Kelly and is off to fight the great black unknown. While he is taunting it with “come get some,” the others jump in the Delta. Ash manages to place the key in the ignition but it may be too late because they are starting to get dragged underground by the mysterious minions.

Kelly watches in horror as Dalton gets carted away to the underworld. Upset and angry at losing yet another loved one she doesn’t have time to process her emotions before Ash hits the gas. This doesn’t work, the engine won’t turn over and the Classic disappears underground dragged down by the bodiless demons.

By some miracle, this doesn’t last for long before the Delta flies out from beneath the street. Ash guns the engine and heads right for the large black misty figure. After running it over, he power slides the car in front of the hardware store.

When they are in the cellar, there is no rift waiting to take them back home because Pablo is having some troubles of his own.