Ash vs Evil Dead review: ‘Rifting Apart’ or go down swinging

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Pablo vs the Prom Chick from Hell

Ash vs Evil Dead – Pablo vs the Prom Chick from Hell – Courtesy of STARZ

Pablo has been guarding Ash’s body so that he can get the signal to open the rift. It seems like it is a one and done job but this is the Evil Dead universe we are talking about so nothing is going to go as planned. He hears a sound in the store above him.

Thinking that Brandy has become a Deadite he goes upstairs to check it out. At first, he doesn’t see anything but then the fun begins. He is assaulted by this Prom Chick from Hell that we recognize as the girl Evil Ash carved up for smoking cannabis.

They play hide and seek around the store until finally Pablo nabs her and sticks her head in the paint shaking device. This is one of the most creative kills in the franchise history. When her head explodes, Pablo reminds her that he is “Brujo Especial, bitch.”

Hardware Store on the Edge of Forever

After that Deadite is dispensed, Pablo hears Ash from the rift, he lights downstairs to get the gang back safely. Opening up the portal, Ash and Brandy prepare to go through to the other side. Kelly, on the other hand can’t get through because her body is being used by Kaya. So, she remains behind.

Pablo closes up the rift but Ash’s body still remains lifeless. Upset and on the verge of crying, he thinks it didn’t work but Ash suddenly wakes up and grabs his leg scaring the crap out of him. Of course, Ash grabbed the wrong bag and the two men have to rush out to the ambulance to get Brandy out of her incarceration. When Ash frees her from the body bag, she is so happy to see him, they embrace.

Then Pablo gets the bad news that Kelly is still trapped in the Deadlands. Ghostbeaters never leave a man behind. So, you know someone is going to go back to get her.

The Story Must Be Written

Ash vs Evil Dead – The Story Must Be Written – Courtesy of STARZ

Things are looking very grim for Zoe, the last Knight of Sumeria. She has been captured by Kaya and brought before Ruby kicking and fighting.

This cannot mean good things are on the way for the last Knight standing. Even Kaya is questioning Ruby’s choices because in her words, “we’re f*****.” However, Ruby has a plan. When she walks over to examine Zoe, Zoe recognizes her and calls her by her Latin name.

A spark suddenly flares in Ruby’s eyes and you can tell that whatever conclusion she has come to is not going to end well for Zoe. As Ruby pauses before her with an ancient dagger she informs Zoe that she will help write her and Kaya’s destiny.

The Verdict

This episode didn’t pack the emotional punches that Tales from the Rift and Twist and Shout did. However, Ray Santiago had a few moments within the story. Pablo’s love for Kelly is shining through now. It is no longer on the down low.

When he finds out that she is still trapped in the rift, his eyes fill with tears and he sets his jaw. Pablo is determined to be her hero. He is ready to claim his woman.

There were also good interactions between him and Ash.  Especially when he thought that Ash didn’t come back from the rift. The way he said, “Jefe,” sounded very plaintive like a child realizing that he is alone.

Dalton’s demise was courageous. He rose to the occasion and went out like a true Knight. A surprise moment was when he kissed Kelly. That was interesting because it almost confirmed that he may have had feelings for her but kept them to himself because he could see she was in love with Pablo.

Verdict Part Two

The evolution of the Ash character is still ongoing. Bruce Campbell is not disappointing. When he was talking to Brandy in the back of the ambulance and telling her he was going to bring her home, he is now accepting his role as a father. This man has let down his guard and he will do anything to protect her.

When they are reunited after she is brought back to life, Arielle Carver-O’Neill is thoroughly convincing at being overjoyed to see him. Campbell and O’Neill play off one another extremely well. When the two embrace, it is a very touching moment.

Rifting Apart felt like the build up toward a monumental conclusion. There are only two episodes left in the season and if the Evil Dead odyssey should come to a close this series gave us some terrific television moments.

What did you think of Rifting Apart? Feel free to share your opinions in the comment section below. We want to hear from you.

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