Myers Monday: It’s time to forgive the terror trespass of Halloween III


Every horror franchise has its black sheep and the iconic Halloween series is no different. But it’s time to forgive the Michael Myers-less Season of the Witch.

If you’re at odds with the third Halloween, you’re not trick ‘r treating alone…

Either since we were kids, growing up with the legendary series, or an older horror fan seeing it in theaters in ’83, Halloween III: Season of the Witch’s been the cause of controversy. While the sequel sees more reverence today, the Tommy Lee Wallace film’s been the butt of jokes and the focus of fan hatred for years — something I feel is really unwarranted and undeserved.

With it being Myers Monday, I’m taking a look at the third Halloween seeing so much despair and why the horror community should let those hard feeling go. Ready for this silver shamrock to shine?

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Masking Pain In Santa Mira

While it’s easy to quickly disregard Season of the Witch for forgetting the boogyman, Halloween III is a film bursting with quality. From Tom Atkins’ effortless performance to its small town terrors, the sequel immediately reveals itself to confidently be its own, truly terrifying, thing. Sure, there’s no Dr. Loomis, but there’s so much going on here that quickly forgetting the medically-trained sharp shooter become easy.

Also, how daring is it that going after kids isn’t taboo here? Most American (foreign fare truly doesn’t care) film before the last decade simply wouldn’t come close to harming kids. With the exception of a few, IT being one (also directed by Wallace), execs wouldn’t allow the harming of children, even conceptually, to enter films or TV series. Halloween III shows not only are we in for an equal opportunity kill meal, but kids are actually the main course.

The House That Carpenter Built

Also, for those still pushing back on the second Halloween sequel simply because there’s no Michael Myers, it’s the will of the Shape’s co-creator. After tiring of Haddonfield and Laurie Strode, famously needing intoxication to write Halloween II, John Carpenter decided to take the series into another direction. While most respect the icon most in the world of Halloween, he’s to blame for not bringing back the Haddonfield horror. And how can you really be mad at the man who’s given us so much greatness — Halloween III included.

Oh, and before some say, turning the series into an anthology event didn’t come until the third film. It wasn’t part of the plan the entire time, but the point and the sentiment still stand….now back to your regularly scheduled Myers Monday.

No More Days ‘Till Halloween

In the end, some simply aren’t going to like Halloween III. Only, the ones truly justified are those who don’t like what they get — not what they didn’t. Not being open to the picture solely for missing Michael Myers is pretty dim thinking. When doing so, you’re robbing yourself of an experience I’ve come to cherish. And ultimately, much like Jason Goes To Hell, Halloween III: Season of the Witch would find more praise without being tied to its franchise. As its own thing, Santa Mira is one of the scariest places in sequel land.

This has been another edition of Myers Monday. We’ll see you next week in Haddonfield.

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