God of War 4 director talks being influenced by Resident Evil series


As gamers everywhere continue to explore the newest God of War, Director Cory Barlog is talking how Resident Evil made an impact on the new game.

The God of War franchise is heading to Raccoon City…

According to Cinema Blend, Resident Evil is living through another game series. After the recent release of God of War 4, everyone is talking about how great the game truly is. With one of the best Metacritic score for any PlayStation 4 game (95), the “it” game of the moment is dominating the scene.

So when Gamespot recently caught up with the game’s director, Cory Barlog, you knew brilliance would be had. Well apparently, when developing the hit PS4 title, Barlog tapped into his love of Resident Evil 4 and became a huge influence. Talk about greatness following greatness.

Here’s what Barlog is saying about his game mashing with the likes of Leon Kennedy:

"You know, Resident Evil 4 came out in the middle of [God of War 2], right? And that game affected me so dramatically. And then, Resident Evil 7 comes out, and it show creators with, I think, a very strong vision and a really good team, can make these bold decisions, and actually have the audience follow them. Even if there was distance in the beginning, right? It’s the, every time James Bond changes, right, they’re like, ‘Oh, Daniel Craig, who is this guy?’"

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I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a better story in all my years of gaming…

While I’ve yet to get my hands on Kratos’ latest adventure, the Resident Evil influences are apparent. Revamping the game from scratch, the new God of War uses the over-the-camera approach just like RE4. Also, just like the fourth Resident Evil, God of War 4 is a fresh take on a popular series, no doubt taking it into newly excising pastures. Here’s to many more adventures with the “Ghost of Sparta” infusing with immortal influences.

God of War 4 is now available, only on PlayStation 4.

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