Myers Monday: New Halloween doesn’t suck if it’s not what you want


Everyone’s talking what the new Halloween should/should’t be. But just because a movie isn’t how you’d make it doesn’t mean the film is complete crap.

The new Halloween is only six months away and some are already complaining….

Yesterday, we reported the Halloween test screening rumors were being put to rest by John Carpenter himself. While quite the controversy spreading around the internet, it seems the master of horror was misinformed and there has indeed been a test. And although that’s normal for a film, it has me thinking about how some people rate films.

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Testing The Test Audience 

A few idiotic people in the recent Halloween test, even though being bound by a NDA (non-disclosure agreement), let it slip how they feel about the cut they’d witnessed. Some even going as far as saying it’s more “Blumhouse’s Halloween and not Curtis or Carpenter’s.”…whatever that means. I mean it’s obviously not going to be a Carpenter film, the guy is, with all due respect, dusty old. Yes, he’s providing the score, but it’s not HIS film. But I digress….I’m getting off topic. Now where were we?

Oh yeah, how some people view, and subsequently, review films. A fact not found on even some professional critics, people often don’t review the film they see but instead bash the movie for not being what they wanted. Dumb for a number of reasons, including some deep psychological ones (I read that somewhere once I think?), reviewing anything this way is an avenue for distraught and disaster.

What’s At Steak

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For those still fighting me, let’s put it in a different way as I’m told analogies are a strength. When going to a restaurant, I always get steak if it’s a decent place for sure indulgences. But if the waiter brings me chicken and I take a bite, I’m not going to say it sucks because it’s not steak. Sure, I’m returning it but I’m judging the chicken on it’s own poultry goodness. It’s true you may not like chicken, which is fine, but tell why the chicken isn’t good. Don’t tell me it’s not good because it isn’t steak. Don’t tell me the upcoming return of Michael Myers sucks because it’s not the movie you’ve made in your head.

We’re only six months away from the return of the Boogeyman. And while being worried it may not be great is understandable, let’s wait until the film comes out and judge it for what it is, not based on what some people think from a test screening or what you want it to be. Because there’s a chance it’s not going to be what you want — there’s a chance it may be a whole lot better.

Halloween stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Andi Matichak and Judy GreerDavid Gordon Green directs a screenplay from Danny McBride and Green. Blumhouse Productions produces, with Universal Pictures distributing. Michael Myers returns for more tricks Oct.19, 2018.

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