The Thief: Is latest installment of the Black Dagger Brotherhood good?


Let’s shed some light into the shadows. After all this can love win? Will the Thief and drug lord be redeemed? You’ll have to read our review to find out if its good.

In the world of “The Black Dagger Brotherhood”, there are vampires and their enemies, the Lessening society. These books focus on love and war. The Black Dagger Brotherhood is made up of elite warriors who protect the civilian vampires from the omega and his army of the soulless humans the Lessers. These are not your normal vampires, they don’t need to drink human blood but instead the must drink the blood of the opposite sex of their race. Once they find someone they click with the vampire’s bond which make them less human like a more animalist.

The latest installment of the “Black Dagger Brotherhood” focuses on two follow-up storylines, one of which is a civilian male of the race named Assail and his love interest Sola. Assail is a major dealer in arms and drugs in the human market. There was already a major human player in that market, Ricardo Benloise, who did not like someone stepping on his turf. Sola and Assail met when Ricardo Benloise hired her to track Assail to find out who this newcomer was.

The only problem was he sensed being watch and confronts her. Sola, being a fearless independent woman, says she’s not afraid of this male. That only made him curious about this human woman and they stalked each other back and forth until feelings arose between them. Them being from two different worlds, however, forces them apart what with him being a vampire/dealer and her human while trying to leave the life it seemed it wasn’t meant to be.

They go their separate ways, Assail being heartbroken and wanting to be a better male for Sola decided to leave the life and detox from a drug addiction. “The Thief” picks up from there, Assail is on the verge of death and has been in a coma for months. His family has run out of all medical options, their last hope being as a bonded male, his Sola can bring him back and make him fight to live.

The second storyline follows up on the brother Vishous of the “Black Dagger Brotherhood” who’s lost until he bonds with Doc Jane. Vishous, out on patrol one night, is shot and left for dead when the humans find him, subsequently rushing him to the hospital. The surgeon on call is Jane, as soon as Vishous seen her his instinct says she is his. After this, he abducts her and takes her back to the brother’s training center where they both fall in love and mate against all odds. “The Thief” picks up after her death and them being mated. They both have been through lonely nights of him being in the field and her being one of three doctors of the whole species. Not only is Vishous fighting to keep his mate but there’s a new enemy in town and they are unsure where it came from or how to fight it.

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“The Thief” is book sixteen in the “Black Dagger Brotherhood” series by JR Ward. I love this author because, even though this is book sixteen, it still drags you in to this amazing ever-growing world. It’s still fresh and intriguing, with each book this world opens more and become more intricate. I was extremely excited to read this book, to learn more about Sola and Assail to see how their stories play out. I also enjoy catching up with V and his life. You get a little peak behind the curtain of all the brothers lives as they are now.

There are at least three or four storylines that this book follows but it isn’t overwhelming. They all come together beautifully and make for the prefect book. While “The Thief” or any BDB book can be read as a stand alone, I highly recommend you read the others as this is a great series to fall in love with. These are not your mother’s romance novels, It is dark, erotic, about war, heartache, redemption and paranormal.

“The Thief”

is now available wherever books are sold.

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