Bruce Campbell: Our top 5 favorite unconventional roles

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Bruce Campbell – Beggers and Choosers – Courtesy of Granada Entertainment, H. Beale Company, Showtime Networks

Beggars and Choosers

This show about the behind the scenes escapades at a television network only lasted for two seasons on Showtime. However, Bruce had a memorable turn as ladies man, Jack Stoddard. His character was the macho star of a hit show called ‘Mountain Men.

Jack is harboring a secret. This fact comes to light the night he is hanging out with writer Malcolm Laffley (Tuc Watkins).  Malcolm happens to be gay and open about it. Jack on the other hand is in the closet.

Through a crafty ruse of being “drunk,” Stoddard seduces Malcolm and the two end up in bed together. Jack pines away for Malcolm who is understandably cautious but they end up deciding to take a chance on one another.

I really like the performance that Bruce gives because normally he is cast as a cad a la Jack Stiles or Sam Axe. In this series, he is vulnerable and conflicted. On one hand, he is totally smitten with Malcolm but on the other hand, he knows that if he comes “out” he could lose the career that he has worked so hard to build.

When Jack tells Malcolm that he has been “thinking of him at four in the morning,” you believe him. Who hasn’t been in that predicament? Once again, this role is one that his fans should not miss.