Bruce Campbell: Our top 5 favorite unconventional roles

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The Hudsucker Proxy

I adore this movie since I have been a Coen Brothers fan ever since seeing Blood Simple back in the day. Joel and Ethan are very adept at writing snappy patter dialogue that sounds as if it has been lifted from a 1930s or 1940s film.

The story about a corn-fed Indiana boy (Tim Robbins) who becomes the president of a major company through a fluke and some shady behind the scenes maneuvers is classic. However, Jennifer Jason Leigh truly shines as ace reporter, Amy Archer. She manages to channel Rosalind Russell and Katherine Hepburn at the pinnacle of their careers.

Bruce was made for this time period. Playing opposite Leigh and John Mahoney as “Chief,” the editor, he looks and sounds like he came from a backlot playing a supporting role in a Clark Gable film. Firing off rapid lines with ease, Smitty is your typical hard nose reporter.

He and Leigh are comfortable with one another and their dialogue flows. This is another effort that showcases his versatility.