Bruce Campbell: Our top 5 favorite unconventional roles

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Bruce Campbell – Jack of All Trades 2 – Courtesy of Renaissance Pictures

What a fun Steampunk romp! Bruce is Jack Stiles, a Colonial American spy who is sent to the island of Palau-Palau to team with British agent, Emilia Rothschild (Angela Marie Dotchin). Their mission is to thwart colonization by Napoleon (Verne Troyer).

Even though it only ran for two seasons, it is a memorable show. One of the best aspects of it was Stiles’ alter ego, the Daring Dragoon. Dashing and funny, whenever the masked crusader showed up high jinx would ensue.

The chemistry between Campbell and Dotchin is stellar. You can feel their attraction to one another and it becomes a game of will they or won’t they but in the best possible way. In one episode, in particular, they do end up in bed together with hilarious results and no memories of doing the deed.

Bruce is very comfortable embodying a hero. It is a role that fits him like a glove.

What is your favorite Bruce Campbell performance? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. We want to hear from you.

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