Freddy Friday: Why the Elm Street enigma wins in Freddy vs Jason


Fans have been speculating who wins at the end of Freddy vs Jason for years. While it may be an unpopular opinion, I feel Freddy Krueger is absolute victor.

Elm Street is home of many battles, but arguably it’s biggest happened in 2003…

After Elm Street Radio began polling fans on who wins in Freddy vs Jason, I immediately began saying Mr. Krueger. Now a few weeks removed from the idea, I’m still thinking if proclaiming the fedora freak the winner is right. Should I be ignoring Jason’s effort against the serpent of sleep? Or does the wink in the end really mean Freddy is victor? After sleeping on it for a while (see what I did there?) I’ve come to the only conclusion I’ll likely ever reach — Freddy is the winner of Freddy vs Jason.

So take some Hypnocil while I get into why Freddy reigns supreme in the hybrid horror flick.

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He’s So Dreamy

While, if we’re to assume what’s happening is reality, the battle is brutal but I can’t shake that ending wink. We know, after the immortal A Nightmare on Elm Street series, Krueger can play with perceptions of reality. If really desiring to mess with the heads of victims, Freddy will make them believe they’re not sleeping when, in reality, they are. So it’s entirely possible that Krueger never gets pulled out of Lori’s dream. Making the argument it’s all still a dream, when taking the wink into account, is as valid as any.

Not This Time

Another reason thinking Freddy victorious is the idea of him being pulled out of the dream at all. If he is, this signals the third time the dream demon is tricked into doing so. The first happens in the original, the second Freddy’s Dead, so we’re supposed to believe Freddy falls for this again. That the killer’s so stupid, he is easily tricked by a few teenagers in Springwood? Sure, it’s possible but I honestly can’t see this happening. I mean, a dumb killer isn’t one who strikes fear effectively. Also, don’t you think he knows how badly Jason will beat him down in real life outside dreamland?

Laying It All On The New Line

Then there’s the house that Freddy built. Freddy being their life blood for years, New Line Cinema is protective of their property. So much, I highly believe the ending wink is the result of studio exes not wanting Freddy to lose.

With the ending this way, Jason fans see their hockey-masked hero deal punishment while letting the Springwood Slasher get the last wink. It leaves room for fan debate (inspiring this article), giving the impression that Freddy is in charge after all. Either way you slice it, even with a glove made of razors, you can’t deny the wink means something. If not, why is it there?

You what I think, but who do you champion the winner of Freddy vs Jason? This has been another edition of Freddy Friday. We’ll see you sleepers next week on Elm Street.

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Fan of Freddy vs Jason? Who do you think wins in the end? Let the other dreamers know what you think in the comment section below.