A Different Kind of Storage War: ‘Storage 24’ (2012)


The Storage 24 facility is in lock down mode. Unfortunately, people are locked inside, too, and with a strange, hostile visitor. Will anyone get out alive?

This straightforward scenario is presented by Johannes Roberts’ Storage 24.

Though it’s hardly a “thinking man’s” horror, it does offer a few interesting questions. For example, does the heightened security of a building necessarily keep people safe, or might it trap some inside to face danger alone? Then, of course, you have to wonder: In such an event, is outside help really a guarantee? I would say, obviously not. In a paranoid-induced world full of threats, both real and imagined, there is something to a story like this.

The Monster and the Survivors

It’s hardly a spoiler to say this is a monster movie. It’s all right there in the trailer. So, what kind of monster is it exactly? It’s generically considered as an alien, but that almost doesn’t matter. Whatever it is, it looks like the basement monster of a frightened child’s imagination, which is great. It’s not an entirely new type of monster, but it’s classic look ramps things up in the kill-or-be-killed scenario.

That being said, a few of the CG aspects looked dodgy to me when the creature moved. It’s a standard problem in modern horror, and I often feel compelled to mention it. Quite simply, practical effects usually look better, except when animations are done exceptionally well (like in Kong: Skull Island).

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The Characters

Despite the stalking alien, a sizable chunk of Storage 24 is about its main characters. They are Charlie (Noel Clarke), Mark (Colin O’Donoghue), Shelley (Antonia Campbell-Hughes), Nikki (Laura Haddock), David (Ned Dennehy) and Chris (Jamie Thomas King). Basically, there are soap opera moments between Charlie, Mark and Shelley, as well as basic debates about survival strategy.
Frankly, none of the characters themselves are that memorable.

Really, most of Storage 24‘s strength is from monster-generated tension, rather than any love triangle/betrayal arguments. Also, there aren’t many memorable character quotes in this movie. Most of the tension has to do with the basic concepts. If you fear hiding in a storage room from an alien monster, this movie will have you in its clutches.

Final Verdict: Is It Worth Watching?

Arf arf! (Storage 24)

I’ll answer that with a solid Maybe. The movie is okay for me. Everyone has a different perception of what works and what doesn’t. For me, Storage 24 only works on a basic level, but isn’t far worse than the original Alien, or anything like that. The creature’s look and concept is decent (though note my above critique of CG effects). It also has what I consider to be a wonderful image — that of a moving, barking, flaming, battery-operated puppy dog toy. It’s a unique moment, both funny and surreal.

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