Myers Monday: The version of Rob Zombie’s Halloween you didn’t see


The Halloween remake is one of the more polarizing films in all of horror. But the version you’ve seen isn’t Rob Zombie’s true vision. Let’s trick ‘r treat…

Rob Zombie’s Halloween really solidifies the filmmaker as a visionary….too bad most have never seen that vision.

Whether you like the rocker turned filmmaker, you can’t deny Rob Zombie’s always igniting conversation. Continually causing horror heads to debate the director’s talents, the old White Zombie frontman is the topic of many arguments. And those disagreements extend to Zombie’s Halloween remake.

Like it or not, the 2007’s Halloween is a favorite among many. But while I’m far from a fan, the version you’re familiar with is a far cry from the director’s original vision. In fact, the way Zombie wanted the film to be has seen very few eyes. But by some twist of fate, I’ve seen the film — and it’s great.

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A Cut Above The Rest

When new films are made within the studio system, most are subject to the test screening. Studio exes, and understandable so, test films to get projects appealing to the broadest audience possible. Although detrimental to art, studios often break a sweat getting films to reach the most people as possible — the most wallets as possible. And Rob Zombie’s Halloween is no different.

When screening the 2007 remake, Dimension find audiences weren’t getting Zombie’s vision. An entirely different take on the John Carpenter classic, the film takes the nurture route while abandoning the original’s nature take. In Rob Zombie’s version, it’s Michael Myers’ upbringing making him kill. Michael being, basically, the main character in the film dying to get your sympathy doesn’t sit well with viewers. And because of it, the Weinstein’s change the film drastically.

The Halloween Candy Changes

After Dimension gets their hands on the movie, everything changes. Reshooting the ending, many key moments are altered to transform a damaged Michael into a demented one. Gone is Michael saving Ismael Cruz (Danny Trejo) from his destruction, instead forgetting his bond and killing the man. Also missing is the original ending, showcasing a stellar crane shot featuring Michael dead at the hands of Dr. Loomis as the audio from two’s original meeting plays. It’s a stellar way to end what Zombie was truly trying to do. And these are just two of the alterations.

A Different Kind of Terror

The version of Halloween you’ve seen terribly sucks. It’s a mixture of what Zombie originally wanted for Michael with that of a mindless killer. It’s a film at odds with itself, one making audiences uneasy in the process. If you can find the workprint, I highly suggest doing so and digesting its glory. It’s a better film and something Zombie should be remembered for. So if you don’t like the movie, know the trash you know isn’t Zombie’s vision. In actuality, it’s a blurry product of committee filmmaking.

This has been another edition of Myers Monday. We’ll see you next week in Haddonfield.

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