Playing with Ash: A look at every official Evil Dead video game

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There have been more Evil Dead video games than you might have realized, so join us as we go through for a quick look at every single one of them.

Watching Ash has always been amazing. Being Ash is no less incredible!

For many years, it seemed unlikely we’d ever get an Army of Darkness follow-up film. With Ash vs. Evil Dead still so far away, Ash Williams took his Deadite-slaying adventures to the video game world to satisfy fans of the franchise. It was a fun way of continuing the series if another movie couldn’t be made, and many gamers still have fond memories of a lot of these titles to this day.

Let’s go ahead and look at every Evil Dead game ever released, starting way back with the very first one from the mid 80s…

via Palace Software

The Evil Dead (Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum)

Produced by Palace Software, this 1984 survival horror game was, of course, based on the first film from Sam Raimi. The premise was simple: players take control of Ash in the Evil Dead cabin. The idea was to close windows to prevent Deadites from getting inside, while simultaneously killing those who’ve already made it in.

For its time, the game served its purpose and its fun gameplay earned it some good reviews. Unfortunately, it would be the only video game based on the franchise for a very long time, as the next one wouldn’t arrive until 16 years later.