Playing with Ash: A look at every official Evil Dead video game

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Evil Dead: Regeneration (PS2, Xbox, PC, Mobile)

In 2005, another Evil Dead game would see a release from THQ, though this time a story reboot would take place. Completely disregarding both Hail to the King and A Fistful of BoomstickEvil Dead: Regeneration is set in an alternate universe where Army of Darkness never happened. As a de facto sequel to Evil Dead 2, Bruce Campbell is still back to reprise the role in an all new adventure which is still just as fun to play.

In this game’s story, Ash has been locked up in the looney bin following the events of the first two films. Nobody believes his story except for the nefarious Dr. Reinhard, who attempts to use the Necronomicon and Professor Knowby’s diary to bring himself great power. This unleashes the demonic forces of the Deadites into the real world once again, and it’s up to Ash — and his new sidekick Sam — to put a stop to them once more.