May The Fear Be With You: Ties between Star Wars and Halloween series


Today is a celebration of all things Star Wars. While the George Lucas brainchild is from a galaxy far away, do you know its connection to the Halloween series?

Haddonfield isn’t in a galaxy far away, but its streets have the Star Wars universe written all over it….

A Star War In Haddonfield

If you’re a decent Star Wars fans — or have a Facebook — you know today is “May the 4th be with you.” A fun play on the iconic phrase, fans everywhere are celebrating Luke Skywalker, Yoda and Darth Vader. But if you’re also a horror buff, you may find it surprising the series carries some ties (no, not TIE fighters) to the Halloween franchise. That’s right, Michael Myers and Darth Vader share some cinematic cosmic connections.

So sharpen that light saber (is that even possible?), hit up Chewie and let Dr. Loomis do his best Obi-Wan as 1428 Elm gets into the crazy connections between Halloween and Star Wars.

Only Badasses Breath Heavily

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In the 1978 John Carpenter classic, one of the biggest traits of Michael Myers is that intense breathing. Not only is it present throughout the film, gripping viewers in some of the biggest moments, but it’s also in the ending montage. It’s a terrifying moment in the film still scaring audiences today. Only, Carpenter isn’t the first to use it for his villain. In fact, George Lucas uses it for Darth Vader only a year before. Coincidence?

Fear Keeps It In The Family

While the iconic heavy breathing is huge in both franchises, it’s not the only thing Carpenter likely lifted from the George Lucas series. In the classic sequel, 1980’s The Empire Strikes Back, we find out Darth Vader is Luke’s father. It’s one of the more legendary moments in film history. It’s only a year later until Halloween II arrives…

With Carpenter writing the original sequel, the film almost has the same story beat. In a crucial moment, a family connection is revealed between Laurie Strode and Myers. It happens toward the end of both films and Empire came out around the time Carpenter is likely writhing the script. Both are the first sequels in their respectively long franchise. Again, coincidence?

Dr. Loomis Looms In The Shadows

Although legendary actor Donald Pleasence eventually lands the role of Dr. Loomis, making movie history in the process, the English performer wasn’t the first choice. It’s not until both Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, two icons of the silver screen, turn down Halloween that Pleasence is cast. Although Lee and Cushing don’t show up in Halloween franchise, they do however, appear in the Star Wars saga. Cushing plays Grand Moff Tarkin in A New Hope, while Lee is Count Dooku in the prequel trilogy.

Fire In The Foxhole

Upon completing Halloween, Carpenter needs to find a distributor. Finding the door at almost every studio, the future film icon eventually meets with 20th Century Fox. After showing the film, an exec turns down the movie saying it’s not scary — it’s lacking Carpenter eventually perfect score. This would be the second time in less that three years Fox makes an epic mistake.

After not fully believing in the original Star Wars, Fox lets Lucas keep the intellectual property rights to the entire galaxy far away. One of the dumbest moves in all of film, the THX filmmaker sold the rights to Disney for a staggering $4 billion in 2012.

So while you’re enjoying Star Wars day, remember the galaxy far, far away and Haddonfield are closer than your may think. I didn’t even mention the Captain Kirk mask….oh wait.

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Celebrating Star Wars today? Think these are solid connections to the Halloween franchise? Let the other Jedi know what you think in the comment section below.