Ash vs Evil Dead: Get to know Kandar the destroyer


Deadites Online released some photos from Michael Asquith, conceptual artist for Ash vs Evil Dead. He is the creator of the awesome Mother of all Deadites, Kandar the Destroyer!

“It’s time to test the mettle of man.” – Pablo Simon Bolivar

From Concept to Reality

Way back in January, fans of Ash vs Evil Dead were being teased with the appearance of the biggest Deadite of all time showing up in Season 3. Curiosity was piqued. Then the poster image was released with Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) and his trusty boomstick poised precariously between its jaws.

Ash vs Evil Dead – Kandar and Ash – Courtesy of STARZ

The sheer size of this creature was intimidating to say the least. However, the process of making it reality was an impressive feat. Of course, any showdown that involves the possible end of the world as we know it has to be spectacular.

Since Ash was saving humanity and living up to his legacy, Kandar had to be a terrifying adversary. Who exactly brought this entity to life?

Deadites Online recently spoke with Michael Asquith, the conceptual artist who designed the humongous hell spawn for the series. According to him, “Rick Jacobson who directed episodes 9 and 10, took a shining to a maquette I had done for another unused creature.”

The original Kandar looked very much like an emaciated Henrietta.

Ash vs Evil Dead – Kandar as Emaciated Henrietta – Courtesy of Michael Asquith and STARZ

Kandar Lives!

In my opinion, removing the breasts and the tongue to add a jaw was genius. That critical facial feature made Kandar extremely intimidating.

Upon completion, the clay maquette was scanned using a process known as “photogrammetry.” For those fans that aren’t familiar with this procedure, Wikipedia explains it as “taking measurements and imagery analysis and feeding the two into a computational model to get accurate 3D relative motions.” Basically, making Kandar “come alive.”

Asquith partnered with Kris Slagter and the two worked on detailing, textures and colors before turning the Deadite over to the animation gurus at Flux. The end result of all of this collaborative and intensive labor is seeing Kandar wreaking havoc on the entire town of Elk Grove.

Ash vs Evil Dead – Kandar Scan – Courtesy of Michael Asquith Ash vs Evil Dead – Kandar Destroys Elk Grove – Courtesy of STARZ and Michael Asquith

The artistry and craftsmanship behind these pictures are truly amazing. It is because of individuals like Asquith, Slagter and the Flux team that the possibility of the end of Ash’s world as we know it seemed intensely real.

What did you think of Kandar the Destroyer? Feel free to share your opinions in the comment section below. We want to hear from you.

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