Are horror movies ‘based on true events’ scarier than others?


Are true event horror movies scarier than others in the same genre? If so why do we still watch them? And do they have a more psychological effect on us?

The Reality of True Horror

I have been thinking a lot about what I could write for you all as my debut post here at 1428 Elm. In the end I decided that I would completely jump into the big pool of horror. Are “true event” horror movies scarier than others?

Most love to be scared. Some love to watch something that builds emotions up inside us.  Inside is our fight, flight or freeze structure. Depending what our type is will cause effect when we watch the movie.

People either full-on shout at the characters on the screen or hide, still putting themselves through the events. When the final credits roll, however, they know it could never happen in this reality.

Everyone has their favourites when it comes to this specific genre. Mine happens to be Friday the 13th. That plot enticed me from the start, with the hockey-masked, machete-wielding killer. Jason was original and fun to watch.

What do these people think of horror movies that are based (some loosely) on true events?

I imagine a lot will automatically think of The Conjuring or Annabelle.. Do people really want a possessed doll in their home???

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Why not?

Based on a True Story

I remember the very first time watching The Exorcist. It terrified me to the point that I always feel uneasy when I watch any movie with an exorcism in it. So why do i still watch them you may ask? Something in me HAS to watch. Honestly I love to be scared!

Another question to ask yourself from the other side of the spectrum is this.  Have we become desensitized through the eras? The Horror movies back in the ’70s were extremely timid, the likes of Christopher Lee as Dracula , were about as scary as it got.

The ’80s gave us the ‘Slashers’. Blood and gore now added. Making us sit opened mouthed watching on the big screen. The movies were banned in some countries, due to graphic content. I mentioned The Exorcist before. Banning this movie made us want to see it even more.

What  changed in the making of these films that terrify us today?

Better scripts. Characters that are believable. CGI and the sheer bloodiness of the death scenes. The blood and gore in them make for better viewing.

There are some fantastic directors and producers in the industry now. Pouring blood, sweat, tears into working on the films and making them.

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Readers do you agree with the idea of this? Can horrors based on true events really be more scary? Share your comments with us below.