Dana DeLorenzo: As long as I don’t hit Lucy Lawless in the face, I’m good!

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On Lucy Flawless…

Dana DeLorenzo – Lucy Flawless – Tales from the Rift 2 – Courtesy of STARZ

1428 Elm: Lucy said recently at the Comic Con in Naples that working with you was a really great pleasure. Fans cite Tales from the Rift as one of their favorite episodes. Do you have any amusing behind the scenes stories that you can tell us?

DD: That is the first time I have heard that! So, Lucy if you’re not busy saving the world and changing the world and doing all things flawless, if you are reading this, I love you and thank you! I’m obsessed with her but she knows that.

I pretend I am cool. I’m like, “Yeah, me and Lucy Lawless, we’re friends. I hang out at her house.” Then whenever she’s not looking I’m fangirling and covering my face and screaming silently.

I give her things that don’t make sense for her to sign. “Lucy, would you sign my receipt for this coffee?” She’s like, “What?” “Can you sign it to Dana with love?”

Here is a story. Both Lucy and I were very sick during the filming of Tales from the Rift. You can hear it in both of our voices actually. Certain moments were worse than others in terms of our sickness.

That fight scene was particularly difficult. We shot most of it in a day and then other shots here and there because it was so involved. When you shoot and you go wide, medium and close up during this epic battle, you have to rehearse for weeks on the choreography.

We rehearsed with our incredible stunt doubles Dayna Grant (Lucy) and Crystal Pratt (Dana). I just want to give them props. They are amazing. Those two did the big stuff but Lucy and I did the entire fight.

I Can’t Believe I Hit Lucy Lawless

Dana DeLorenzo – I Can’t Believe I Hit Lucy Lawless – Courtesy of STARZ

DD (Cont.): When we really wanted to go for it, they shot it multiple times where Lucy would do it opposite the Kelly stunt double and I would do it opposite the Ruby stunt double. Then we did it together.

The reason they had us shoot things with our stunt doubles was to avoid situations like hitting your fellow actor in the face. You certainly don’t want to hit Lucy Lawless aka Lucy F****** Flawless in the face.

You don’t want to do that. Also, her husband (Rob Tapert) is the executive producer. I hit her towards the end of the fight when she breaks the curtain rod that I was using like a gladiator. Do I hit her stunt double?

No. Who do I hit? Lucy Lawless. I immediately started crying and telling her I was so sorry. By the way, she is just a champ. Thank God I didn’t ruin her face.

I know how hard I hit her. I have to give her credit. She immediately said that she didn’t even feel it so that we could continue on. That is how classy she is that she didn’t even give me s*** for it.

Pulling Pranks

Dana DeLorenzo- Pulling Pranks – Courtesy of STARZ

DD (Cont.): We would give each other s***all the time. She kept on snapping my bra straps. It was like we were in the locker room.

That bra strap on that corset thing I was wearing, they hurt! It was like getting whipped across my back and she would do it like a little kid. The fact that she didn’t give me s*** for something that was very serious, says a lot about who she is as a woman and who she is as an actor.

I have nothing but tremendous respect and admiration for her. She has been such a phenomenal friend. I love her.