Dana DeLorenzo: As long as I don’t hit Lucy Lawless in the face, I’m good!

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Into the Future

Dana DeLorenzo – Into the Future – Nicol Paone – Courtesy of The Stamie and Tracy Show

1428 Elm: You are multi-talented. You can sing, you do comedy and drama. Do you have any upcoming projects that you can discuss with us?

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DD: I can actually tell you that I have been offered a role and I am really excited! Once it comes out what it is, then I can talk about the character more. I think fans of Ash vs Evil Dead are going to be SOOOOOO happy!

That’s all I can tease for now. Fans of Kelly Maxwell will certainly enjoy this next project. I can tell you it’s an independent feature film that is a female driven comedy. It is written and directed by Nicol Paone.

She’s been in the comedy world for years. She is such a pro and so brilliant! It stars Malin Ackerman, Kat Dennings, Jane Seymour, Christine Taylor, Deon Cole and it is executive produced by Ben Stiller and his company Red Hour.

More names are being finalized so there will be more people attached to it. It’s really come full circle. My very first speaking role was two lines about kale on Two Broke Girls. Six years later coming off the heels of Ash vs Evil Dead ending, I am playing a role in this film as Kat’s sister. How crazy is that?!

Synchronicity, Baby!

Dana DeLorenzo – Synchronicity Baby – Courtesy of House of Winehouse

DD (Cont.): I am just so blown away and honestly, I’m a big believer in positive thoughts and positive energy. I can be a pretty pessimistic person and pretty negative. All this incredible support and love that we have been getting from the fans of our show, I feel that it has something to do with it. Just putting all those good vibes into the world, into the ether so to speak, that is always going to beget something wonderful.

So, I can’t wait to tell you more about this part but I feel the fans are going to love it! It’s a small role but I am so excited. Nicol Paone, I can’t say enough about her as a writer and a comedienne. The fact that it is female driven, it is all connected. Synchronicity, baby like Lindsay Farris taught me.

The Influencers

Dana DeLorenzo – The Influencers – Carol Burnett – Courtesy of Playbill

1428 Elm: Is there anyone that you have patterned your career after? Who influenced you?

DD: I’d love to do something like Carol Burnett or something like ‘I Love Lucy.’ I’d love to do a show like Pamela Adlon or Lindsay Kaplan. Evan Rachel Wood’s career has been remarkable as well.

Maya Rudolph is one of the funniest people on the planet. She could say anything like “dishtowel” and I will cry laughing. Molly Shannon, Cheri Oteri and Ana Gasteyer are just a few of the comediennes I enjoyed on Saturday Night Live. I also admire Megan Mullally on Will and Grace.

She was my comedy god. From my pre-teens through high school I emulated her and Debra Messing. To be able to have these women now in my peripheral, in an ideal world if I could write my own life and have it come true, I would have bits and pieces from all of these women that I admire and respect so much. I hope I could be as good as they are and bring as much entertainment as they do.