Terrifier: Clown carnage and the art of coulrophobia


By definition, coulrophobia (cool-row-phobia) is an extreme fear of clowns. If  a sufferer, then you definitely want to STAY AWAY from this film. Because it brings all of your P.T. Barnum and Pogo the Clown nightmares to life!

Origin Of Fear

Terrifier is a spin-off of 2013’s All Hallows Evewhere a homicidal clown stalks a babysitter and the kiddies she’s entrusted to watch for the evening. Unfortunately, things don’t end well for them. But I’m not reviewing that film, although I do suggest that if you have not seen it or if it’s been awhile, watch it before seeing Terrifier so you’re caught up.

Art, played by David Howard Thornton, is your stereotypical typecast for clowns; he does tricks, attempts to make you laugh and then, with a kreepy stare and a non-verbal laugh, turns your life and your head upside down. What sticks with me most about Art is the fact he NEVER utters a sound through the whole film.

Terrifier — Courtesy of Dark Age Cinema

Tricks No Treats

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Performing his tricks and kills in silence was more disturbing to me than him telling me what he was going to do and laughing maniacally about it afterward. Granted I understand it’s audio editing that brings the kreepy to life but you have to put yourself in the victim’s shoes. It is terrifying.

Both of Art’s appearances in the films take place on Halloween night. It seems to be the best time that he can truly be himself since you never see him out of costume. Unfortunately for those whose paths he crosses we get to witness their pain and the un-redeeming terror he mercilessly inflicts on all of his victims. This is truly one disturbing clown to contend with.

No One Is Safe

I believe the unfortunate victims in the film were chosen, and the few that made fun of him were probably just revenge. I mean cause you can’t rib (make fun of) a psychotic clown without him taking yours. So be careful who you make fun of, especially on Halloween, you never know what’s in their makeup.

In closing, I hope you guys take the time to watch and enjoy All Hallows Eve and Terrifier, both in that order. Again, if you have a fear of clowns you may want to skip it, but if you think yourself brave you will not be disappointed. Until next time, Auf Wiedersehen.

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