RIP: Celebrities react to passing of screen veteran Margot Kidder


After the sudden and tragic passing of Margot Kidder, fellow actors and entertainers are remembering the performer on Twitter.

The passing of screen great Margot Kidder is hitting us all.

After news of Black Christmas actor Margot Kidder passing, everyone began mourning the actress. A veteran of both TV and motion pictures, Kidder moved on to that great place beyond at 69 years old. Appearing in the original Superman films, a Tales from the Crypt episode (Curiosity Killed) and The Amityville Horror, Kidder is sure leaving a lot of fans behind.

While we here at 1428 Elm are mourning the loss of the horror legend, people in the entertainment industry are doing the same. And some are even taking to Twitter to share their memories of the actress. Check a few out below.

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I’m not crying….you’re crying….shut up…

Like all true artists, it’s evident Kidder has touched the lives of so many people. From her stunning portrayal of Lois Lane to appearing in some of the biggest and most respected films in horror history, Kidder is leaving a big hole behind. I know everyone at 1428 Elm is sure missing her.

In fact, I was able to meet Kidder at a convention in 2011 and have nothing but great things to say about the actress. In our interaction, Kidder was warm and engaging while signing my Black Christmas poster. She was a true class act and will be very missed.

RIP Margot Kidder (1948-2018).

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Fan of Margot Kidder? Remembering and missing the talent? Let us know how you’re mourning the loss in the comment section below.