Bruce Campbell presents Masters of Horror featuring John Carpenter


It’s Ash Wednesday at 1428 Elm! We are also celebrating the work of John Carpenter this week. So, what better combination in the world exists then the King of B Movies, Bruce Campbell and the Maestro of Horror, John Carpenter?

“Campbell. Shut. The. F***. Up.” – John Carpenter to Bruce Campbell

Ladies and Gentlemen, Bruce Campbell

Years before Last Fan Standing, did you know Bruce Campbell was the host of the documentary, Masters of Horror on the Sci-Fi Network in 2002? It’s true!

This was a comprehensive look at some of the biggest filmmakers in the genre. The segments featured such legends as Tobe Hooper, Guillermo del Toro, Wes Craven, Dario Argento, David Cronenberg and George Romero.

Basically, Bruce would emerge from the shadows clad in black to introduce whatever director was being featured and then he would describe each filmmaker’s individual style. This is a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

Not only do Campbell fans get to see him in every frame but they also get a glimpse behind the scenes of their favorite horror movies. Viewers are treated to anecdotes and the nuts and bolts of the effects used to scare audiences.

One of the titans in this documentary is none other the legendary John Carpenter. Carpenter and Campbell do have a history with one another. In 1996, Bruce had a small part in his Escape from LA, the sequel to the hugely successful Escape from New York starring Kurt Russell.

Campbell portrayed the Surgeon General of Beverly Hills. He is largely unrecognizable due to very fine work performed by the makeup department. The only way you can tell it is him, listen to his voice.

Straight Shooting with John Carpenter

In Bruce’s best-selling book, Hail to the Chin, he recounts a story that takes place after a night on the town with Carpenter and several other Con guests. Apparently, on the ride back home, in his words, he was “knowledgeable about everything.”

Carpenter had enough of Campbell’s pontificating so he told him, “Campbell. Shut. The. F***. Up. He then proceeded to tell the actor, “You have no idea what you’re talking about. Spare us all and shut up.” That entire exchange is hysterical.

The Masters of Horror segment featuring the Maestro is rich in information about the social commentary behind They Live. He also discusses the two horror templates for films. The first one deals with evil existing outside of us. His classic Halloween falls into that category.

Next is evil exists inside of us. A great example of this would be the Thing. For more insights into Carpenter’s world, check out this clip from Masters of Horror.

Do you remember this documentary? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. We want to hear from you.

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