The X-Files: Top 5 mythology episodes from the series

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The X-Files – UFOs – Courtesy of Fox

Since the X-Files are temporarily shut down, I thought I would take a look back at the series. Most people cite the monster of the week episodes as their favorites. I prefer the “mytharc.” Here are my top 5 choices.

“I wanted to believe, but the tools had been taken away. The X-Files had been shut down.” – Fox Mulder

Looking Back

As television series go, The X-Files is amazing. Why? Because how many other shows could come back 14 years later and still get fans tuning in?

Granted the ratings weren’t what they used to be during the glory days but let’s face it, when the dust settles there is a place in pop culture history for Chris Carter’s creation and rightfully so.

Most fans cite the monster of the week episodes as their favorites. I have always preferred the “mytharcs.” To me, the mythological shows were the heart and soul of the series. They also gave viewers a chance to delve into the Mulder and Scully connection.

Some of the most emotional moments were found within these storylines so that is why I felt the following segments should be highlighted.


The X-Files – Emily – Courtesy of Fox

I remember exactly when this aired. It was right before Christmas 21 years ago. All I can say is this episode had such an impact on me that there was no way it wasn’t going to take the top spot on my list.

Emily is a young girl who was orphaned when her mother dies and her father is sent to jail for murder. This is the first episode to reference the fact that Scully (Gillian Anderson) may have been an unwilling egg donor when she was abducted during Season 2. Also, that she may have had a child prior to William.

As it turns out, we discover that Emily is in fact, Scully’s biological child. Which seems impossible because she was told she could never bear children. At Mulder’s (David Duchovny) behest, the Lone Gunmen have found out that Scully’s daughter had a surrogate named Anna Fugazzi.

Scully has petitioned to adopt Emily with the court in San Diego. Of course, the judge overhearing the case is skeptical and even more so when Mulder informs him of the truth surrounding Emily’s parentage.

However, while Scully and her offspring share some DNA, her daughter has a decidedly different chemical structure. This leads Mulder to believe that she is an alien hybrid. Circumstances take a turn for the worse when the child’s doctor who is also a hybrid is murdered by rogue extraterrestrial bounty hunters.


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Emily’s condition continues to deteriorate. Ever intrepid, Mulder tracks Anna Fugazzi down to discover that she is an elderly woman. In fact, all of the elderly women in the nursing home are being used as incubators.

He also finds out that there are medical records with Scully’s name on them. While this is happening, Dana is being told to cease making decisions on Emily’s behalf by the adoption agency. Mulder is doing his best to try and find someone who can help the girl.

While he is fighting to save Emily’s life, she slips into a coma and dies several days later. A heartbroken Scully is in the chapel. Mulder tells her that all evidence of the hybrid experiments has vanished except for Emily’s body.

Scully looks in the coffin only to find sand bags and the cross that she gave to Emily. This is a wrenching moment that will leave even the most hardened viewer bereft. Gillian Anderson handles her grieving so convincingly that you share her pain with her.