‘Dance Macabre’ by Ghost will leave you bewitched


In a series of Instagram stories, Ghost released another song from their new album, Prequelle, to the public and it will rock your world.

With Ghost kicking off their tour earlier this month with Rats on the Strip, it set the tone for the kind of shows they will be putting on along with the music that goes with it. If you follow Ghost on social media (and I highly recommend that you do) you may have seen some of the pictures from the road and a new video they just released. Unlike the chapter videos introducing the Cardinal, this one gave another peek at another song from the highly anticipated new album, Prequelle.

Image courtesy of Ghost and Ultimate Classic Rock

It started as small stories on Instagram, the first of which was Sister Imperator dancing to a song we’ve not yet heard called “Dance Macabre.” The entire video is other performers reacting to the new song. With faces like Kirk Hammet from Metallica, Charlie Benante from Anthrax, Matt Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold, Chino Morena from The Deftones and many more, one thing is clear from this video: this song is bitchin’.

You can watch it below.

The video ends with Sister Imperator’s sweet dance moves, the way it began. I have loved Ghost’s music for a long time and can I just say, I think this album is going to be the best one yet. Ghost fully embraces a poppy 80’s metal feel with this song. Whether this song is about love or about death (c’mon guys, it’s Ghost, it’s about death) is yet to be seen, but it has all of the power of an 80’s metal ballad.

That’s the thing about the music from this album so far, the songs are big. When you listen to them, the world feels bigger, you get goosebumps and you can’t help but want to dance along. Dancing and metal don’t necessarily go hand in hand, but Ghost is special in that aspect. Their music, with all of its dark lyrics and tones, leaves the listener feeling happy and I can see why Cardinal Copia dances so much.

Image courtesy of Ghost and YouTube

Speak of the devil, it seems Cardinal Copia (sometimes referred to by fans as “Cardi C”) has been a hit on the road and is right at home as the new leader. I cannot wait until June 1st when the new album comes out. Until then, go ahead and let the cardinal bewitch you in the moonlight. Trust me, it’s worth it.

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The Rats on the Road tour wraps up May 27 and we can all look forward to the new album shortly after. You can listen to the song “Dance Macabre” on YouTube, Apple Music and Deezer now.

(Featured image courtesy of Ghost)