Myers Monday: Should we mourn Brady’s death in Halloween 4?


While a lot of people die in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, no death is as controversial as Brady’s. But should me mourn the man?

Halloween sees a lot of people come and go. But some leave a lasting impression…

Knocking On Heaven’s Door

Throughout the Halloween series, countless people fall to Micheal Myers’ blade. Whether beloved characters or obvious fodder, so much blood runs through the sewers of Haddonfield. While many deaths are expected, giving a sense that they’ll die from the beginning, others leave viewers confused how to feel. And none is more ambiguous than Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers’ Brady. But should we be mourning the loss of the two-timing Vincent Drug Store employee?

Dwight Little’s Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers — Courtesy of Trancas International Films

Cheating Death

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If you’re a huge fan of Halloween, you know all about Brady. The boyfriend of Rachel Carruthers, the guy eventually cheats on the girl-next-door with the Haddonfield vixen, Kelly Meeker. Eventually, Brady saves Rachel and Jamie in an act of heroism against Michael Myers in the Meeker house. But while we know Brady gives his life for the woman he hurt, does that forgive him from his cheating and wrongdoing?

To Be Young And Stupid

While he may be a cheater, Brady is also one of the best characters in the entire series. Entirely underrated for his complexity, he’s one of the character’s we should mourn the most. And look, I understand the guy’s a cheater. It’s a terrible thing to do. In fact, I’ve done it in my youth and I’m not ashamed to admit. Why? Because I was young and not mature enough to handle my problems other than seeking out new comforts. Also, I was at the peak of my sexual drive — although no excuse. Is it OK for Brady to cheat? Absolutely not, but he shouldn’t die simply because he made a mistake?

Redemption In Haddonfield

At the end of his life, Brady faces down certain death and gives his life for two people, one of which is his girlfriend. At such a young age, most guys would’ve ran, only thinking of themselves in the process. But Brady decides — in what’s certainly redemption in the face of guilt — to save the woman he loves from the clutches of Micheal Myers. It’s something we can all learn from. Our mistakes shouldn’t wane on us the most, but how we right mistakes and prevent them in the future. Should we be mourning the loss of Brady? You bet your Halloween we should.

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