Ash vs Evil Dead is on STARZ list of Emmy contenders


Gold Derby has learned that Ash vs Evil Dead has made STARZ list of Emmy contenders and we have the info!

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For Your Consideration

Gold Derby has learned the list of STARZ key Emmy candidates and Ash vs Evil Dead made the cut! This will come as a welcome surprise to fans since its cancellation. Even though the show struggled in the ratings this season, there were some statue worthy moments.

Ash vs Evil Dead was a unique combination of horror and comedy. Like lightning in a bottle, it may never be captured again. The fact that it has been added to the list of Emmy contenders is a testament to its originality.

The Contenders

Bruce Campbell – Comedy Actor

Of course, Bruce Campbell certainly deserves to be looked at for comedy actor especially because of the evolution of his character over the course of the entire series. Ash Williams made the journey from a self-involved, superficial idiot to a loving father. He became a man capable of making the ultimate sacrifice to save not only his daughter and his friends but the world as well.

In the Mettle of Man, the stoic hero from the sky suffers a breakdown and questions why he has to have the weight of mankind on his shoulders. Before he goes off to fight perhaps the largest demon in existence, he says goodbye to the Ghostbeaters and his daughter, Brandy in one of the most heart wrenching scenes ever.

This is the stuff that award-winning performances are made out of and Bruce Campbell is definitely worthy of this acknowledgement by STARZ.

Dana DeLorenzo – Comedy Supporting Actress

It was clearly the year of Kelly Maxwell. Tales from the Rift was her episode and she owned every line. Some viewers were so bereft at the thought of their heroine not coming back from her untimely demise that they took to social media to express their feelings. Of course, the showdown between Kelly and Ruby was epic and DeLorenzo was at the top of her game.

She said her lines with conviction and she made the audience want to fight with her. That is the power of acting at its most sublime. Making the fans believe in your character so much so that they become emotionally invested is proof positive to how powerful Dana DeLorenzo is as an actress.

Lucy Lawless – Comedy Supporting Actress

As Ruby, the ultimate demon queen, Lucy Lawless was a villainess that you love to hate. She played her role to the hilt and her evil knew no bounds this season. From the very first episode, Family her intentions to destroy Ash were blatant and she took no prisoners.

The scene in the hotel room where she “conceives” Ash’s child by stabbing herself in the hand, saying incantations over his picture in the Necronomicon while smearing the page with her blood, that was extremely graphic. Although her dialogue is limited, the contortions that she goes through are enough to showcase her acting ability.

If that isn’t enough to convince the Academy then perhaps her demise at the hands of the Dark Ones in Judgment Day may do the trick. Never has death been done so well.

Arielle Carver-O’Neill – Comedy Supporting Actress

Being a new cast member to an already established franchise like Evil Dead could be daunting but Arielle Carver-O’Neill rose to the occasion. Throughout Season 3 we watched her transform from a rebellious teenager who hated her father to a loving daughter who would do anything for him.

This evolution was showcased quite well in episode 9, Judgment Day. Brandy finds herself locked in a woodshed basically recreating the scenes that Bruce Campbell did in Evil Dead II with a few twists. Not only is Carver-O’Neill believable but because of her strong physical resemblance to Campbell, she was able to capture his facial expressions perfectly.

When she triumphs over her demonic cell phone by mowing it over with a plough, you can’t help but cheer for her. She truly is Ashy-Slashy’s daughter.

Ray Santiago – Comedy Supporting Actor

For three seasons, Pablo carried a torch for Kelly. Finally, it pays off handsomely in Episode 10, the Mettle of Man. In true hero style, Pablo jumps into the Rift to go after the woman he loves.

However, upon his return, Kelly doesn’t re-inhabit her body. With tears streaming down his face, he prepares to say goodbye to his love yet again. Suddenly, she reanimates and the pure joy that radiates from him is overwhelming.

When the two kiss tenderly, that moment is the culmination of every fan’s wish and desire. Ray Santiago’s character has also gone on an amazing journey. In Season 1, he was a shy stock boy who worshipped Kelly from afar.

He was always taking a backseat to Ash but in Season 3, he becomes El Brujo Especial. Straddling the worlds of the Deadlands and Elk Grove he is able to conjure up the powers of the Necronomicon and use them for good.

Pablo has found his purpose and he is the Jefe now.

Lindsay Farris – Comedy Supporting Actor

Like Arielle, Lindsay also came into a select club this year as Dalton, a member of the Knights of Sumeria. Kelly’s partner in the war against evil, he immediately wants to serve Ash, the Prophesied One. Even when he was wrestling with Ruby, he was strong enough to blow his head off rather than succumb to her wishes.

Rifting Apart was his episode. By sacrificing himself to the Deadlands demons, he ensures that his friends will be able to make it to safety on the other side. He is brave enough to look death in the face and not run from it. Lindsay Farris nailed his performance.

Lee Majors-Comedy Guest Actor

What can you say about television legend, Lee Majors that hasn’t been said before? Apparently Dead and Unfinished Business were tour de force performances from him as Ash’s pop, Brock. Fans get to explore his relationship with his son as well as time travel.

Majors and Campbell work well together. They have an ease between them that makes their on-camera connection a believable one. Yes, Brock is gruff and even a bit hard on Ash but at the heart of it, he really does care for him.

The mere fact that he comes back from the dead to warn him of impending evil is proof enough. Now, Mr. Majors can add another iconic role to his impressive resume, Brock Williams.

Hemky Madera – Comedy Guest Actor

As Brujo, Hemky Madera shined bright. A no nonsense shaman, he led Ash to enlightenment in Season 2 by not putting up with his bulls***. His character also helped Ash discover an important motto, “Shoot first, think never.”

Guiding his nephew through the paces of becoming El Brujo Especial, he was a comforting presence. As an audience member you knew if he was along for the ride, Pablo would be safe. No better teacher to have in life or the afterlife than Brujo.

In Closing

In the grand theater tradition, break a leg to the cast and production staff of Ash vs Evil Dead. Our fingers will be crossed for you!

Who are your picks for Comedy Supporting Actor, Actress and Comedy Guest Actor? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. We want to hear from you.

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