Jurassic Games review: Capital punishment in a VR world of death


In a not too distant future, the world’s bored with mediocre sports thrills and criminal populace is staggering. VR has advanced into the realm of reality and thus, the Jurassic Games were born.

Entertainment plus dinosaurs plus public execution and the promise of a full pardon for winning equals more murder, madness, and mayhem than your eyeballs can squint at.

My first initial thought was ‘this is going to suck and I’ll have to force myself to watch it in its entirety.’ Luckily this was not the case and although it did not have the best acting, the CG effects were believable and that really helped.

Our main protagonist Anthony Tucker, played by Adam Hampton is convicted and sentenced to death for the gruesome murder of his wife. He’s maintained his innocence throughout the ordeal but only his children truly believe him. After his conviction, he chose to be a contestant in the Jurassic Games as a way to win and continue proving his innocence.

Death At Every Turn

The antagonists of the games are of course the vicious dinosaurs whose only mission is to eat you alive. But along with nine other convicted felons all vying for the same thing, FREEDOM, it’s easier said than done. Dying in the game is dying in life for real as you are injected with a lethal dosage upon your virtual death.

The orchestrators of the

Jurassic Games

are more deadly to the contestants than anything else since they control what happens in the game. Greed and power are what pushes Savannah, the Director played by

Perrey Reeves

to make the games as popular as possible regardless the cost. The Host, played by

Ryan Merriman

loves the thrill and his popularity ratings. Neither is the best of people and probably belong in the games with the contestants as well.

There Can Be Only One

Alliances can be made within the Jurassic Games world except they are temporary since only one contestant can win. But hope is a very powerful human emotion and survival under extreme circumstances is a motivator to trust those you normally wouldn’t.

As we near the end of the games some watchers have begun to spurn the games as cruel and inhumane. This only fuels the orchestrators to be more devious and unscrupulous with the final phase of the game.

Showcase Showdown

The final showdown is the coup de grâce where truths will be revealed and some justices exacted. Whether deserved or undeserved these are still people who have been sentenced to death for crimes they’ve committed. How would you judge them, and would you be a contestant if the Jurassic Games were real? Let me know in the comments below, and check out Jurassic Games it’s really worth the watch. Until next time kiddies, Auf Wiedersehen.

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