Days Gone gameplay footage was released, but does it excite us?


Game Informer has released two gameplay trailers from the alpha of Days Gone but does it make anticipating fans want to buy the game?

Over the past couple of weeks, Game Informer has been releasing some videos revealing gameplay from the upcoming zombie action game, Days Gone. During their visit to Sony Bend they fought the horde and they also had the opportunity to sit down with creative director John Garvin and game director Jeff Ross to experience the first full hour of gameplay from the alpha. Based on the footage shown, does that make us want to buy the game?

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Before I answer that question, let’s learn a little about the game itself. Days Gone is a fast paced, open-world action game set in the post-zombie apocalyptic high desert of the Northwest. You follow Deacon St. John, a bounty hunter who gets his motorcycle stolen and raises hell for it. He’s a roamer and would rather risk his life fighting the “Freakers” than stay in a community. He is a damaged man who is dead inside and we as players will only learn why through playing the story. It is set to release in early 2019 for the PS4 and is developed by Sony Entertainment and Sony Bend.

So, what are the pros of this game from what we can see so far? The environmental graphics are gorgeous. This game really shows the beauty of the American Northwest. The character graphics are very good as well, indicated by how much Deacon St. John looks like Samuel Witwer.

The motion capture was fantastic for that purpose. The gameplay itself, even in the alpha, seems smooth and the mechanics seem pretty standard for an action game with the option for stealth kills, distractions, crafting and limited supplies you have to seek out. The inclusion of the infected who were changed when they were adolescent, called “Newts,” have different behaviors than the adults and keep the monsters themselves from becoming overly stale.

While all of that is well and good, there are major drawbacks to Days Gone. I wanted to buy this game based on the trailers, but after the gameplay, I’m honestly not sure I want to and there are a few reasons why. The biggest reason is the gameplay itself. As they were playing the first hour of the actual game, I found myself just wanting them to get on with it, but soon after realized they weren’t dawdling, that’s just the game’s speed in its downtime.

On the opposite side of the coin, when it comes to dealing with hordes, it is just too much. While I enjoy barn burners like Left 4 Dead as much as the next person, if something is too overwhelming, it zooms straight past challenging and into “rage quit and toss your remote across the room” territory. Just seeing them try and battle the horde in the second gameplay video released was frustrating to even just watch.

Besides game mechanics, there is the audio. Sam Witwer is an amazing actor and his voice acting is no different. While the graphics are nice, they don’t match the tone and intensity of the voice acting. Small head movements or gestures can go a long way in communicating an emotion or the intensity of a scene that, at least during the alpha, it was lacking.

Granted, this is just all my opinion and even though the game doesn’t reward players who plan and take things slow, there are many who like that style. Maybe seeing final gameplay will change my opinion, but where it stands, I’m on the fence about Days Gone.

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