Z Nation: Top 10 most outrageous moments from the series


Z Nation has had its fair share of crazy moments over the course of several seasons, and these are the ten most outrageous moments from the show.

While we anxiously await for Season 5 of Z Nation to begin, let’s look at these ten most outrageous moments from the show!

Z Nation, courtesy of Syfy

1 . Zombaby

Z Nation brings us our first look at how different and crazy this zombie show will be. The writers push the envelope and seal the show’s fate with the first ever zombie baby.

(Season 1, Episode 1)

Z Nation, courtesy of Syfy

2. Fracking Zombies

Title says it all. As the team arrives at an oil refinery searching for gas, they find the zombies falling one after another into the oil tank.  Talk about clogged pipes.

(Season 1, Episode 2)

3. The Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell saves lives. Or just has a great time sheering zombies off at the knee. Watch as it flies off a speeding truck and flip-flops through the streets.

(Season 1, Episode 3)

Z Nation, courtesy of Syfy

4. Stoner zombies

We discover quickly that the zombies like their weed. When Doc gets trapped in and airshaft and decides his time is due, he lights up. The zombie gets lit too. The conversation is rather enlightening.

(Season 1, Episode 4)

5. Deadly cheese wheel

As the troupe hits Wisconsin, they stumble upon a huge wheel of cheese. The hilarity ensues as they set it free to roll up the zombies. See it roll through the credits right over a cow.

(Season 2, Episode 5)

Z Nation, courtesy of Syfy

6.  A Zunami!

That’s right, a herd of zombies so large it has its own title. The next outrageous moment in the same episode is how the team leads the zunami into the Grand Canyon.

(Season 2, Episode 10)

Z Nation, courtesy of Syfy

7. 10K thinks he’s Elvis?

A few members get stir crazy; in a cuckoo’s nest sort of way. The kid can act that’s for sure.

(Season 3, Episode 6)

8. The Doc can fly

Oh wait, no he can’t. He does find a creative way to escape three insane women, who bejewel their zombies. Check it out, you get a threefer with this episode.

(Season 3, Episode 11)

Z Nation, courtesy of Syfy

9. Frankenzombie

Need I say more?

(Season 4, Episode 6)

10. Too tanned lady

As Murphy heads to a tanning bed, a zombie pops out and she’s been there a long time. The wrinkled brown folds of skin is enough to keep a valley girl out of the sun.

(Season 4, Episode 10)

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Z Nation will return to Syfy with new episodes when Season 5 premieres sometime this year. In the meantime, catch up on the series on Netflix, and catch some Z’s!