Tobias Forge of Ghost gives first television interview since unmasking


Only days before the release of the new album, Prequelle, Tobias Forge of Ghost gives his first television interview after being unmasked.

In anticipation for the release of Ghost’s new album Prequelle, CNN dropped a video that surprised all of us metalheads into ACTUALLY watching CNN. While I don’t go into the politics of various news sites and am sooooo done with the drama of it all, it is impressive that a big news site that covers wars, world events and the White House would take the time to cover a metal band. And yet they got an exclusive TV interview with the musical genius behind Ghost, Tobias Forge.

I loved that he still remained faceless through it all. While we all know the man behind the mask is Tobias Forge from legal documents, not once has he allowed his face to be filmed or photographed outside of the Papa Emeritus or Cardinal Copia masks in connection to the band. Although you can’t see his face, that voice is unmistakable. While the Papas and Cardinal Copia all share an Italian accent, you can hear his characters even underneath his Swedish accent and when Tobias Forge said, “Oof!” it made all of us internally happy for some reason.

So, the video…it notes their Grammy win for Cirice, which is a truly amazing song, although compared to the new songs on Prequelle pales in comparison. Tobias goes on to explain the theme of Prequelle and how it explores “mortality and survival.” He explains that the Black Death in the Middle Ages killed off half of Europe’s population, but half of the population also lived. With a message of “seize the day,” Forge had this to say about the theme:

"“We can debate until our dying days whether or not there might be an afterlife, you know, but since we don’t know, you might as well live a little. “"

He also touches on the band’s influences who have strong images such as Alice Cooper and David Bowie and their “larger than life” aspect in entertainment, the kind that Forge has been searching out since childhood.

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Ghost’s new album Prequelle is now officially on sale as of June 1, and you can pick it up over at Amazon. Keep an eye on 1428 Elm for a review on the new album and for more news on Ghost!