Digital Style creates 8 versions of Bruce Campbell for WWE 2K14


Did you ever wonder what it would be like if some of Bruce Campbell’s characters participated in a Royal Rumble? Well, Digital Style did and we are about to show you the results.

“Let’s look at Brisco County, Jr. That’s not where he is from, that’s his name.” – Digital Style

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

If you have ever played games like WWE 2K14 then you know it’s all about creating characters. Sometimes that can be the best part of that endeavor. Apparently, the host from Digital Style digs Bruce Campbell so much (he was featured briefly in Campbell’s Fanalysis documentary) that he decided to create several personas based on the actor’s movie and television roles.

I have to admit that this is a pretty cool idea. As a matter of fact, the concept reminds me a little bit of Multiplicity. All in all, the wardrobe choices aren’t bad even though they are limited to what the engine can provide and the different looks of Campbell are not too shabby.

So, check out 8 of Bruce Campbell’s most popular parts from the big and small screens!

Being Bruce Campbell – Ash Williams – Courtesy of Digital Style and WWE 2K14 and Renaissance Pictures and STARZ

Ash Williams

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of one of Bruce’s most iconic characters. This is a fair approximation of the older Ash Williams from Ash vs Evil Dead. The wardrobe is fairly close and just the mere fact that you can have the chainsaw and his mechanical hand is priceless!

Being Bruce Campbell – Brisco County Jr – Courtesy of Digital Style and WWE 2K14 and Fox

Brisco County, Jr.

Another fan favorite, this Harvard educated lawyer turned bounty hunter is fully realized in the game. The only article of clothing that is missing as the host points out is his vest. However, this animated version of Brisco looks like Campbell.

Being Bruce Campbell – Surgeon General of Beverly Hills – Courtesy of Digital Code and WWE 2K14 and Paramount Pictures, Rysher Entertainment

Surgeon General of Beverly Hills

I didn’t think it was possible but even in a game this character is still creepy as hell. The actual picture of him resembles Bruce in Escape from L.A. but the finished product looks more like a member of a 70s pop band.

Being Bruce Campbell – Autolycus – Courtesy of Digital Code and WWE 2K14 and Renaissance Pictures


The Prince of Thieves comes to life in a game! Now, this particular incarnation resembles Campbell the most. Despite not having the leather tunic vest, this is my favorite rendition of the actor.

Being Bruce Campbell – Bubba Ho-Tep – Courtesy of Digital Style – WWE 2K14 – Silver Sphere Productions

Elvis Presley

Bubba Ho-Tep is one of the best movies of Bruce Campbell’s career.  While this game version takes after Val Kilmer, you can still capture the spirit of the King.

Being Bruce Campbell – Jack of All Trades – Courtesy of Digital Style – WWE 2K14 – Renaissance Pictures

Jack Stiles

Jack of All Trades is a personal favorite of mine. Glad to see Jack Stiles attending the party. The only clothing items that don’t approximate the Daring Dragoon’s garb are the hat and the cloak. All in all, it is pretty darned close to the dashing hero.

Being Bruce Campbell – William Cole – Courtesy of Digital Style- WWE 2K14 – Sci-Fi Network

William Cole

Man with the Screaming Brain is such a fun B movie romp that harkens back to the 50s. Bruce’s businessman is the second-best character version in this game. Although face on, he sort of resembles Jesse Ventura but there is enough Campbell infusion so you can recognize who it is supposed to be.

Being Bruce Campbell – Ring Announcer – Courtesy of Digital Style – WWE 2K14 – Columbia Pictures Corporation, Marvel Enterprises, Laura Ziskin Productions

Ring Announcer

Another good interpretation of the man who gave Spidey his name! While it is hard to get the texture of Bruce’s flashy duds, the color scheme is on point. The Oakley’s are perfect and the ensemble works!

Battle Royale

Now that you have seen the characters, it is time to watch them in action. Who will win the Battle Royale? Place your bets!

Who is your favorite Bruce Campbell character? Feel free to share your opinion in the comment section below. We want to hear from you.

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