It’s Shaggy Vs. Shaggy as Matthew Lillard battles Shaggy on Drop The Mic


It was a battle of the Shaggys as Matthew Lillard faced off against Reggae star Shaggy on Drop The Mic.

Last week on TBS’ Drop The Mic it was a battle of the Shaggys. Scooby Doo’s Matthew Lillard, aka the voice of Norville ‘Shaggy’ Rogers, took on Reggae recording artist Shaggy.

I guess one can argue that their respective careers peaked in the ’90s. However Matthew Lillard is still on TV. When is the last time you heard a song from Shaggy? I guess it’s just a sign of myself getting old that Matthew Lillard is more known for Scooby Doo than anything else.

Now that I’m not internally rolling my eyes from Matthew Lillard not being recognized for other things, the battle was pretty epic. Yes Shaggy Vs Shaggy is clever marketing but still, Lillard has done more. Not to mention Stu slayed Shaggy in this battle.

These would be way more entertaining if they used different beats Also, how bad must it suck to be a professional musician and lose something like this to an actor? Shaggy shouldn’t be ashamed though our boy is obviously multi-talented.

Also in this episode, did you guys know Hanson is still a thing? Me either. Though the three children of the corn as Peter Griffin once called them faced off against Sam Richardson of Horrible Bosses 2.

Is it me or does it just seem a bit weird how many actors known for horror have been on this show lately? Okay it hasn’t been many, but for the short amount of time it has. What’s next? “Freddy Vs Jason” (Englund and Hodder) Drop The Mic? Okay, actually I would watch that. I bet Freddy has some hot rhymes…see what I did there? Yeah, I’ll let myself out…

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