10 Years Later: Forgotten horror movies from a decade ago


Horror fans see some years offering unforgettable visceral experiences while forgetting other fear fare. Here are four forgotten films of 2008.

It’s already been ten years since 2008. As time trudges on, our memories tend to fade. Lucky for you, we’re offering the chance to travel back in time. We’ve compiled a list of some of the forgotten horrors of 2008.

Midnight Movie

Midnight Movie — Courtesy of Bigfoot Entertainment

With a budget of roughly $1 million, Midnight Movie comes courtesy of Bigfoot Entertainment. The bulk of the film takes place in a grungy theater, in which a group of youngsters and a biker couple expect to catch the anniversary showing of a 40-year-old horror flick with an interesting backstory. Among the aforementioned characters, is a doctor and a detective, on the lookout for the film’s director — and star.

There are several recognizable faces in this film; Bea Grant, Daniel Bonjour and Michael Swan to name a few. Midnight Movie’s antagonist has a memorable appearance with a skull face and an eerie limp. Due to an impressive amount of DVD sales, Bigfoot Entertainment allowed Jack Messitt, the film’s director, the chance to re-release the movie in 2011; featuring new scenes and fresh effects.

Killer Movie

Paul’s character, Jake, is an up and coming director. He’s flown out to this rural community wherein he’s met by a determined producer. Jake is under the impression he’s there to shoot a show about the local hockey team, but upon his arrival, he learns of an “accident” the producers want he and his crew to investigate. Killer Movie’s a fun whodunit with some laughs thrown in — with gore as a bonus.


Amusement — Courtesy of New Line Cinema

A straight-to-video anthology film that, like Prom Night and Terror Train, deals with the present being heavily effected by decisions made in the past. While Amusement certainly isn’t the best — not even on this list — it has a creative streak and is worth a watch for its clown scene rippping off a well-known urban legend.

The cast includes Jessica Lucas, Tad Hilgenbrink and Keir O’Donnell. It was made for about $10 million, which is slightly typically for what low budget studio films are made for today — it also helps that Warner was involved. It definitely fails to stand the test of time, even a mere ten years after its release.

Repo! The Genetic Opera

Repo! the Genetic Opera — Courtesy on Lionsgate

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Based on the 2002 musical, Twisted Pictures offered us a cinematic look at a mid to late 21st century epidemic of organ failures, specifically in the city where GeneCo. is located. GeneCo. is in the business of helping those in need by providing them with transplants of organs, on some sort of payment plan. If not paid in full, assassins such as the titular character, Repo, brutally (and fatally) take back the organs.

The soundtrack is great, the acting is great. I thoroughly enjoy this cult film. Anyone familiar with Anthony Stewart Head as Giles in Buffy is aware of his ability as singer. Repo! The Genetic Opera also stars Paul Sorvino, Sarah Brightman, Alexa Vega, and genre favorite, Bill Moseley. Oh, and Paris Hilton.

Perhaps the best character in the film is Grave-Robber, played by Terrance Zdunich. One of the standout songs, Zydrate Anatomy, is performed by Terrance, to perfection. Overall, it’s a very enjoyable film with a unique brand of whimsically dark humor.

2008 has come and gone, but we’ll forever have the aforementioned titles to serve as a reminder of what the horror genre was like at that time. Of the films we’ve listed, how many have YOU seen?

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Think these 2008 horror films are forgotten? Any gems not on our list? Let the other horror heads know what you think in the comment section below