Sam Raimi is exploring the Bermuda Triangle with Ryan Reynolds


Apparently, Sam Raimi is getting ready to explore the Bermuda Triangle with none other than Ryan Reynolds!

“Ever since the earliest days of oceanic exploration sailors have witnessed strange sights.” -You Be Relentless

Without a Trace

Last year at 1428 Elm, we reported Sam Raimi had a first look deal with Skydance Television. One of the big stories coming of that announcement was his plans to direct a film based on the Bermuda Triangle for Skydance Media.

That Hashtag Show is stating that current box office champion, Deadpool 2 star, Ryan Reynolds, is cast in the lead role. For centuries, the Bermuda Triangle has been a source of fascination with many speculations as to why ships and planes disappear when traveling in that area.

Some are convinced it’s the work of extraterrestrials, while others believe that it’s more than likely methane bubbles rising to the surface suddenly causing ships to sink. Another popular theory is unusual electromagnetic interference that causes issues with onboard equipment on planes such as compasses.

In Raimi’s particular story, which is written by John Gatniss (Power Rangers), the plot is definitely interesting. A nuclear submarine is missing in the Triangle. A theoretical physicist (possibly Reynolds part) is tasked with deciphering the cause of the disappearance.

Mysterious Island

He discovers a wormhole by using his Grandfather’s research. Propelling himself into another dimension, the physicist lands on a mysterious island that appears to be populated by missing humans and animals from the Triangle. This almost sounds like the plot to Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea or Warlords of Atlantis.

It’s believed that shooting will begin in September and end by October. Meanwhile, stay tuned to our site for updates.

Will you be taking the trip with Sam Raimi to the Bermuda Triangle? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. We want to hear from you.

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