Thoughts from the ledge: Peter Weller – The Renaissance man of horror

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First Born – Peter Weller – Courtesy of Paramount Pictures, Jaffe-Lansing, Witt-Thomas Productions


While this isn’t a horror film, it is a definite thriller. I included it in the list because Weller gives a menacing performance that leaves a lingering impression. He plays Sam, the deadbeat and quietly sinister boyfriend of Wendy (Teri Garr).

Wendy’s boys Jake (Christopher Collet) and Brian (Corey Haim) aren’t too happy that she has found someone to replace their father. In fact, Jake is suspicious of him right off the bat. Sam is always trying to open his own business but nothing seems to happen.

After he gets evicted from his apartment, Sam moves in with the family. As his behavior becomes more manic and threatening, Jake makes the discovery that he is hooked on serious drugs and is also ensnaring his Mom in that trap as well.

When a man with malevolent intentions comes to the house, Jake decides enough is enough. He discovers Sam’s stash of cocaine and removes it, hiding it from him. Obviously, Sam is attempting to do a drug deal.

Sam hits the roof when he finds out what Jake has done. Wendy tells him that their relationship is over and he needs to leave. Of course, he refuses.

Furious, he takes after Jake and starts beating him to a pulp. Brian grabs a baseball bat and hits Sam on the back. Instead of taking him out, Sam grabs the bat and starts in on Jake.

Before anything serious can happen, at a critical moment, Jake nails Sam in the balls. The trio escape and start their lives over.


Leviathan – Peter Weller – Courtesy of Filmauro, Gordon Company, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

Nothing like an undersea adventure to get the blood flowing. Leviathan fits the bill. Think John Carpenter’s The Thing underwater and this is the plot of this movie.

Peter Weller plays Steven Beck, a geologist who is hired by Tri-Oceanic Corporation to assist in an extraction operation of precious materials on the bottom of the Atlantic. The crew consists of a research specialist and physician (Richard Crenna), and several miners played by Amanda Pays (Max Headroom), Daniel Stern (C.H.U.D.) and Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters).

When the group on a routine work day discovers the wreck of a Russian ship called Leviathan, things start getting decidedly creepy. Medical records onboard indicate that the crew was suffering from what their doctor called a “tropical infection.”

While this is going on, Daniel Stern and Ernie Hudson discover some Russian vodka and decide to take it. Maybe this wasn’t the wisest decision on their parts because after imbibing, Stern falls ill and lesions start appearing on his back.

He dies but his body continues to mutate. Another crew member gets sick and starts exhibiting the same symptoms. Meanwhile, Beck speaks to the head of operations (Meg Foster) who tells him they can’t send a rescue mission because of poor weather conditions.

Stuck in close quarters with a monster of unknown origin, the remaining crew members try to outwit the creature eventually escaping using special dive suits. However, the creature follows them to the surface and Weller blows it up by launching an explosive into its mouth.