Myers Monday: The best part of the new Halloween trailer


There are so many dementedly delectable things in the stellar new Halloween trailer. But one thing stalks above them all. Trick ‘r treat…

The Halloween trailer is here and it’s brutally breathtaking….

Welcome back to Myers Monday. The one day we head back to Haddonfield (although we cover Halloween any day of the week), we always have some tricks and treats for you Smith’s Grove inmates to snack on. And today, we’re taking a look at the tastiest thing about the new Halloween trailer.

Debuting only days ago, the first trailer for Halloween’s return is brilliant in every way. Exceeding the grandest expectations, the short window into what’s in store this October features many exciting things. There’s the badass Laurie Strode, the many homages to the original (Smith’s Grove, Michael escaping with other patients, the ghost sheet setup), and both mentions of Loomis and that fateful night in Haddonfield. But above all, there’s something truly amazing.

When examining the way Michael moves in the trailer, it’s obvious this will be the second best Michael Myers performance in history. With original actor Nick Castle returning, donning the mask for some scenes (he’s 70 years old), there’s never been anything like this in a sequel. And what’s even more impressive is he’s clearly taught new Michael Myers (James Jude Courtney) how to truly become the Shape.

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For instance, look at Myers at 2:00 in the trailer. The way Courtney (assuming as there’s no way to tell how what in what scenes yet) turns his head is almost cut and pasted out of the original. It brings back how methodical and precise the Shape really is.

Moreover, gaze upon the 2:18 mark when Michael pops out from behind the open door frame. This too is almost taken straight out of the original. It’s truly as if we’re looking at the same Michael Myers — as if the Boogeyman is real.

Although I believe we’re about to see the best Myers’ portrayal in 40 years, I’m not knocking anyone who came after Castle. Those men gave their best, with some out shining others. But with some many subsequent creators not understanding Michael’s intelligence, and using it to mold the character, it’s beyond exciting to see the Shape finally back. Death is back in our little cinema Sheriffs.

This has been another edition of Myers Monday. We’ll see you trick ‘r treaters back in Haddonfield next week.

Halloween stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Andi Matichak and Judy GreerDavid Gordon Green directs a screenplay from Green, Danny McBride and Jeff FradleyBlumhouse Productions produces, with Universal Pictures distributing. Michael Myers returns for more tricks Oct.19, 2018.

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