The other Bermuda Triangle: The Devil’s Sea or Dragon’s Triangle


Located in the middle of Taiwan, Miyake-jima and Iwo-jima this vile vortex has claimed the lives of sailors and pilots since 1,000 BC. What terrifying secrets does this body of water hold?

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” – William Shakespeare

Dark History, Turbulent Waters

Tales about the murky seas between Taiwan, Miyake-jima and Iwo-jima have been around since 1,000 BC. Legend has it that the great warrior, Kublai Khan lost many men and ships when he tried to invade Japan in the 1200s.

What exactly is causing this patch of water to be so precarious like it’s cousin the Bermuda Triangle? Mysterious Universe has a few ideas. Author Charles Berlitz wrote a terrific book about the Bermuda Triangle that I read as a kid.

He also penned an entire novel dedicated to the Devil’s Sea called, The Dragon’s Triangle in 1989. There he detailed various incidents such as Japan losing military ships between 1952-1954 taking almost 700 men with them.

Also, in 1953, the Kaio Maru No. 5 went on a mission to investigate the strange phenomenon in the sea. The boat and its crew disappeared without a trace. The Japanese government declared the area a hazard.

One Word…Aliens!

One of the main theories behind the vanishings is UFOs. A hot bed of activity, Paranoia Magazine recounts the odyssey of the vessel the Joyita.  In 1955, it went off the grid never to be seen again. However, four years later, a wine bottle with a message in it washed up on Whirltoa Beach near Waihi, Australia.

The message was from the Joyita’s steward and it said, “Abandoning ship. Strange circular metallic object forcing us aboard it. Help us.” This isn’t an isolated incident either. There is the famous “Ghost of Nansei-Shoto” event which occurred during WWII.

200 to 300 UFOs were spotted on radar flying at a speed of 700 miles per hour which was faster than any aircraft we had at the time. However, the mysterious crafts were not visible to the naked eye.


The Pacific Rim is known for its volatile volcanic activity. The Devil’s Sea happens to fall into a dynamic zone. It has been theorized that the Kaio Maru actually met its fate when an eruption occurred.

This seems like a plausible theory that is rooted in reality. Much like the methane bubble concept for the Bermuda Triangle, the thought that a seismic flareup could cause a ship to be pulled under isn’t illogical.

Vile Vortices

Ivan T. Sanderson is the man that perpetuated this idea during the 60s and 70s. He believed that there were “lines of power that converged at 12 portals located throughout the world.” These “vile vortices” could function as wormholes that could transport objects and people into other dimensions.

The Bermuda Triangle and the Devil’s Sea are located along the same lines. There are more affected areas in the Mediterranean, off the east coast of South America, off the southeast coast of Africa and off the east coast of Australia. All of these destinations are equally treacherous to mariners and pilots.

It is also thought that these anomalies are not random and that they have been created by intelligent design. If that is the case for what purpose? To visit Earth and study the human race?

Other Theories

Some state that a clash between water temperatures can create an angry sea causing violent waves which could capsize boats. Electromagnetic anomalies could also account for the numerous disappearances. Ships and airplanes have sensitive equipment, if a particular pulse were to activate, this could easily throw off compassing and all onboard systems of navigation.

We may never know what causes these disturbances. The Devil’s Sea may very well remain a mystery.

What theory makes sense to you? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. We want to hear from you.

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