Check out the Ash vs Evil Dead series finale auction preview


Starting June 22 fans will get their chance to bid on Ash vs Evil Dead props, costumes and prosthetics from the STARZ series. To help build anticipation, VIP Fan Auctions is giving them a preview.

“Let’s go save the world.” – Ash Williams

Come Get Some

On June 22, fans can start bidding on iconic costumes, props and prosthetics from the STARZ series Ash vs Evil Dead.  While VIP Fan Auctions will be conducting the sale until Aug. 17, fans should go to the Evil Dead Ebay site to bid. There will be over 1,000 items, so everyone from the serious collectors to casual viewers can own a piece of memorabilia.

If you want to know what goods will be featured for week one, VIP Fan Auctions is running a special preview! That’s right. Looking for something in particular, maybe a hard to get item like Cougie’s costume?

Guess what? You are in luck because that is being offered. Let’s give you a taste of what else is available.

The Goods

The Necronomicon

VIP Fan Auctions – Lucy with Necronomicon – Courtesy of STARZ

There’s Ruby (Lucy Lawless) with her favorite possession, the “Necronomicon.” This shot is taken from Season 3 right when she decides to resurrect Brock Williams (Lee Majors).

VIP Fan Auctions – Book of the Dead – Courtesy of STARZ

How would you like to own the Book of the Dead? It is pretty intriguing but just remember, no reading aloud!

Kandarian Dagger

VIP Fan Auctions – Pablo and the Kandarian Dagger – Courtesy of STARZ

El Brujo Especial with the Kandarian dagger. Pablo is in the hardware store cellar trying to protect himself from that demon prom girl.

VIP Fan Auctions – Kandarian Dagger – Courtesy of STARZ

Well, we all know what this bad boy can do! Now, you can keep this handy just in case you ever need to slay some Deadites.

Ash’s Bionic Hand

VIP Fan Auctions – Bruce Campbell – Courtesy of STARZ

This scene is right from the infamous Booth Three episode. Pay close attention to Ash’s hand.

VIP Fan Auctions – Ash’s Bionic Hand – Courtesy of STARZ

Yes! Now, you can own Ash’s bad ass bionic hand that Pablo crafted from used game parts.

Got Puppet?

VIP Fan Auctions – Ashy Slashy and Dana – Courtesy of STARZ

Season 2 Ashy Slashy episode saw Kelly fighting a demonically possessed puppet in an asylum.

VIP Fan Auctions – Evil Ashy Slashy – Courtesy of STARZ

Now, you can have your very own Ashy Slashy to whisper sweet nothings to. Oh, maybe you might want to come up with a safe word. He is kind of into playing rough.

Rev Up the Chainsaw

VIP Fan Auctions – Bruce Campbell and Chainsaw – Courtesy of STARZ

Ash is the king of all he surveys. He is the master of ceremonies at the Grand Opening of his hardware store.

VIP Fan Auctions – Chainsaw – Courtesy of STARZ

Cosplayers we know that you have dreamed about owning Ash’s personal chainsaw. Well, wishes really do come true.

There are more wardrobe items up for grabs and so many other pieces waiting in the wings. Mark your calendars! This is definitely going to be a memorable auction. Let the bidding begin!

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Are you ready for the auction on June 22? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. We want to hear from you.