Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers — 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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Michael Myers in Halloween 4 – Image courtesy of Trancas International Films

7. Michael almost had a mask more like the original

One of the biggest complaints I see about this film from fans is that they don’t like the mask. While still simplistic, white, and with hair like the previous one used, its facial features are different enough to give it its own unique look. Some fans of the film still enjoy the new mask for its simplicity. Others find that it looks too off, wishing instead it looked more like the first one. For the latter, they almost had it that way.

Originally, a mask more akin to the original one was intended to be used. Of course, they no longer had access to the first one with William Shatner’s likeness, so they bought something similar at a local costume shop. Despite the modifications done to the mask to make it look like the one we all knew, those involved weren’t happy with how it turned out. So ultimately a different mask was used, though the one featured on the poster looks more like the original.