Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers — 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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Halloween 4 – Image courtesy of Trancas International Films

3. Jamie Lloyd was supposed to be Britti Lloyd

Name changes in screenplays happen all the time by the time the movie actually gets filmed. Infamously, Jason Voorhees was originally called Josh in the original Friday the 13th script. It’s a funny thing to think about in retrospect, and in Halloween 4, the lead character herself almost had a very different first name as well.

Originally, Danielle Harris would be playing the part of Brittany Lloyd, who goes by the nickname Britti. Probably because we’re all so used to the name they went with by this point, the name doesn’t sound natural at all. It feels weird saying out loud.

Before shooting, however, the decision was made to change the character’s name from Brittany to Jamie. This was done as a direct reference to Jamie Lee Curtis, who starred in the first two films.